**We Need STREET TEAM Ideas!!**


Feb 2, 2002
I e-mailed a few of you street team members about this.
We need some ideas for promoting "We've Come For You All" on the street.
So far you've come up with handing out flyers and calling radio stations, but we need more ideas!
If you have any ideas of what we should do for Anthrax, post them here or e-mail me snidedude@boomtaprecords.com
If you know what other bands' street teams do, let's hear it!

Thank you.

PS- I should be getting some more official info on the street team soon!!
One of the best E~Street teams ever is this one:


they act in silence and vote for everything the band comes up with along with other 'missions' where in they award prizes for the person who litters the most...er...i mean passes out the most flyers and cds and things like that
I don't know how far I'm willing to go as far as street team is concerned but if they play radio festivals this summer, you better well goddamned know that I'll be in full force representing thrax with all my boys. We'll all be decked out in thrax gear too.
Thank you, Ty. As soon as I hear from them (Artist Direct and the managment) I'll ask them about it.
If that doesn't work, we could start a radio station thread.
Good ideas! Let's hear some more.
you are a howling mad shithead.
anyway. We could throw Anthrax listening parties. get your friends and your friends friends together. and have a party. And if you live in an area close to anothe Anthrax street team member then maybe you could coordinate something together and have even more people. Like have a Anthrax BBQ where you play choice songs off of John era albums and then announce when you are going to play the promo songs.
Button designs could be sibmitted by us team members we could give them to our friends once we get them made. I plan on buying a button press with the makings to make buttons.
passing out those promo cds or sample cds with 2 or 3 of the best tracks is what usually got me into bands way back when I was just getting into music or didn't know if a band was coming out with a cd.

do not have us flooding the websites as that will only bother people, I think that is why charlie is getting laughed at for his spreading the word of his distaste for downloading.
no offense to him but realistically he's going to have to get used to it. Also WIRED had a very good article about how the record companies are crumbeling. And how they have lots of internal conflicts. Like Sony backing Napster while the Soney record label was agianst it. They're going to have to re evaluate the way they do things and I think it's possible that some of them won't survive it. Record sales were down agian this year on top of last years losses.
personally I grew up on tape trading, which then inspired me to buy what I liked. I didn't exactly roll in the cash as a youngster so I had to be picky.

Well, things haven't changed even though I make alittle bit more money. I have too huge of a cd collection and I just can't buy every cd out there just hopeing it will be good. I download stuff myself and buy it if I like it.
I've already burned a few CDs & sent people some mp3s of Black Dahlia, Taking The Music Back & Caddilac Rock Box

I got some good feedback on the mp3s, seems to have generated some interest
I like the idea of handing out CDs. But I don't know if that'll happen. It'd be cool to hand out CDs that have a song or 2 on it, and a link to the site, where people could purchase the whole album.

I, like tattooedsean, got into Anthrax, Metallica, Suicidal Tendencies, etc. by trading tapes. Too bad people like music, but don't pay for it. Sharing's not a crime, but downloading a whole album that you like, then never buying it is a sin.
the thing i like about being able to download music its a big fuck u to the record industry,i'll tell u how to fix it,the average price of a cd in australia is 30 bucks,artist gets bout 2 bucks if that,record companies takes a huge bite and the little bit left goes to the retailer,i dont see why cds have to be more than 10 to 15 bucks at the most,its just plain greed and its about ime those bastards got hurt a little bit

and the end of the day there greed is what is killing bands not the artists fault they are just victims of there greed.

like how long has p2p technology been around and there still fucking around with deals to download off the internet this is the future its as simple as that get with the times or u will die a huge death.

they did have ther monopoly once but the tides haved turned

do u people agree???
Well, I do agree that CDs should be cheaper.
But at the same time, it is hurting music artists (the bands).