**ANTHRAX Street Team Members List**


Feb 2, 2002
Okay. I've put up the list I have (so far):
(You may need to copy/paste this link to get it to work. The last part is "snidedude/anthraxstreetteam.html")
I put everyone's first name and last initial, and city.

Let me know if you don't want to be posted at this site. snidedude@boomtaprecords.com

The street team that we're putting together is for the US release (and maybe Canada). But I put the names of everyone I have so far, even those overseas.
If you're name isn't on the list, e-mail me with your real name and the city you're in so I can add you to the list. It's still not too late to join!:D

Also, my e-mail went kaput a while ago and I lost over half of your e-mail addresses. I'll let all of you know when/if I need your e-mail again. Sorry about that!
Yes, it's you, anthrax moshing maniac!
But......we'll see what happens. It's sure to be a street team just for the US release. Stay tuned!
Originally posted by Jono
hey thraxdude my last initial is M not J. Oh and do you need my real first name? Jono is what all my friends call me Jonathan is my real name. I dunno if that makes a difference though.

Okay. I switched it to M.
Thank you!