**We Need STREET TEAM Ideas!!**

I think handing out CDs with 2 or 3 tracks off the new album is the best idea.
We'll have to see what happens with the label. When I get any more info, I'll post it on this board first.
Also, I'm gonna have to do a 'Street Team Roll Call' sometime, because I lost over half of you's guys' e-mail addresses.
its a long shot but it could be worth emailing alot of the late night tv hosts,letterman conan etc as many as we can becuase its the best way to get exposure these days.
could you imagine, right in May, they hit up one of the shows located in NY as they are due to hit up NY for that tour date and then hit up one of the shows in Cali when they finally get to that part of the tour.

Okay, I can dream. :Smokin:
Heres an idea but I don't think this cd will need it. Is there a promo to the cd without the same track listings or less songs. Play the internet games release the promo in the internet and watch them swam. There going to do it anyway once people will here it. This cd has the power to make them listen to it and maybe buy it. But truely most cds are bought from things heard on radio stations. It's just that way. or release the cd on the internet with some sections of the songs edited as in missing guitar solos or vocals in the ends of each track. They will at least listen to it and might even buy it. One way or another it's going get on the internet if it hasn't aready. It will pee people off on Peer 2 peer appz but it will get them to listen. groups have already did a track where they interupted the song to promo the cd and guess what it usually works. Just getting the name Anthrax to be liked again will be hard in the states...Sad but true. Since 911 and all the anthrax posionings its going to be hard. Just try to post a Anthrax flyer here you might get killed. Or have radio stations play the song and never say the groups name might help
a couple months after the anthrax scare calmed down woulda been the pefect time for anthrax to release a cd,anthrax was on the front cover of every newspaper in the world for weeks on end and a music release woulda got alot of scrutiny from the media but who cares any publicity in this biz is better than none these days it it coulda earned them a lot of new fans just thinking the name anthrax was pretty hip(the band that is lol)
The record label is the one to get the ball rolling. I left a Bosstones concert in columbus Ohio . When I left I was bombed with street teamers from Sum 41. I got a VCR tape that had some live stuff and crazy band antics on it I also got a bunch of stickers. They had boxes and boxes of these tapes and stickers to hand out. Thats the kind of support the band needs. You got to spend money to make money. If someone would be willing to spend the money I would be willing to hand out stuff like I'm sure many of us would. Rob Zombie just sent me a bunch of stickers and post cards for his movie, I have taken stacks of these to my comic book store and to used cd stores all over town. People pick this stuff up, it raises the awareness in the public.
Sweet. Thanks for posting that info, Cincy.
I hope Sanctuary is down with that. That would be sweet.

I'll let you all know when I get more info....
personally as a street promo guy myself, i think too often individual markets rely on the lables too much, they're bogged down with a million other releases, they can't do justice to any single one (unless it's dave matthews or metallica or someone else that'll make them huge bank). start with the tour itinerary, the promoters or venues hosting the shows are going to a lot bigger help, they have a more directly vested interest. if they're worth their salt, they've already got some sort of street team together and have an idea on how to properly promote the show. as far as tools go, samplers rule, especially for a band that's been m.i.a. for a while (like anthrax). get a handful of tshirts with really striking artwork (like the "A" pentagram they're now using - love that!) to the venues or promoters in advance of the tour so that venue employees and employees at specific promo outlets (record stores are the best) can where them in public and put the idea in peoples' heads that anthrax actually still is out there. and of course poster and flyer everywhere possible... and try some stuff that only anthrax can do. get some "not man" masks made cheap and send them out to every tour stop (again, in advance - this can't be stressed enough!) and have a masked street teamer, in a tshirt from above too, promo the upcoming anthrax (and motorhead) show at every show or event that makes sence. how funny would it be to walk out of some half-assed show thinking "what happened to all the cool bands" and seeing a guy (or girl) in a not man mask shilling for the upcoming show? someone goofing around in a not man mask is the coolest! anthrax is lucky that they have a long history and lots of cool/funny little things like the not man they can play with, so why don't they do it more?
love the not man idea- very cool and funny.
very true that you have to spend money to make money.
i just hope someone in the band or management are reading all these cool promo ideas...!
Aaron C-
I got your e-mail. I e-mailed you back.

Thanks for the ideas. Hopefully I'll be getting some more info soon. The street team was kind of on hiatus while the band switched labels....
It's still not too late to join!
I've been kinda on bulletin board vacation lately... my new job is in midtown NYC... right near the Roseland... so I have some real estate primed for hanging flyers/posters/etc. I haven't had a chance to design any artwork yet, but as the time draws near, I'm sure Brent will have stuff.
If you're of age and frequent your local drinking establishments do I what I did, bring an Anthrax CD in and ask them to have it added to the jukebox. I had mine put Attack of the Killer A's on it and every time pool night comes around I just play the whole thing, it appears to be catching on because now I'm not the only one playing them.