**We Need STREET TEAM Ideas!!**

Flyers passed out are always good. What about those mini cd'd they use to have? Perhaps they are cheaper. If so put two songs on it and maybee two songs from another artist direct/ nulear blast band to help promote it. It works fot the labels the bands etc... Plus radio give aways always help.
Homemade jpegs or stuff that Brentney designs would be cool to send around the net. I'm definitely gonna put signs up at all the cd stores and guitar stores by me.

I gotta think of some more as opposed to playing Vice City or watching Jenna Jameson.
I think those album posters pinned up everywhere on the streets would be cool. Especially in DC. Could you imagine at a building near the Captiol or the White House with the words Anthrax all over it??!!?!?!
I'm going to do a bunch of art you can put on Web sites and flyers to download and printout for announcing shows and stuff. To me that really puts the street team on the street. Free CDs, stickers, buttons etc will be up to whether the label wants to fund it. I hope they do.
I hope that we can hand out CDs. That, I think, is the best way to spread the disease.
Shoebox: Gave copies of Anthrax's new album to people I do show with. So they're getting airplay already because of you. So inadavertantly, through piracy, you've actually been PROMOTING their album. There's your justification. :)
Shoebox: I've actually found myself listening to it a lot. I seem to like it.
Shoebox: As do those I've given copies to.

Who is Shoebox you may ask yourself?
Shoebox is in a band (http://www.wormquartet.com) but more importantly shoebox knows many people who work at a radio station or two in the syracuse (new york) area.

RADIO PLAY is good
stay away from message boards, I can not repeat, stay away from message boards. we will all end up hitting the same ones and I can't tell you how people get pissed off at those tons of nu rock street teamers that hit boards.
I think Sean's right about that. It would be cool to spread the word on the net like that, but I know when some stranger posts on this board only once, I get a little annoyed.
I wish there was a way, if anthrax had a solid label, to release a 2 song promo to pass out at other shows,cd stores,etc. I would put the two songs that would catch someone's attention the most. I know one would have to be what doesn't die. That song blows people away when I play the cd for people.
unbfortuantely, as amazing as the album is, theres not many that would give them huge commercial success, safe home, deof has the best shot of making me money and getting em keen to promote the band more......superhero is way catchy

but ....what doesn't die....man i love that song so much, but if they released that as a single we'd never hear it, cos it wold scrare the shit out of moist of the radio listeners
radio 1 only seems to play the rock shit that gets in the charts limp bizkit linkin park all that bollocks
i dunno about most people but i like turning a radio on and nuclear assualt or straping young lad is on something heavy not some man bitching about how his girlfriend left him
I am sorry but I disagree. As I am tortured often by the local kids into the crap on the radio, I can tell you that nothing on this cd is too BRUTAL enough to scare the average kiddies. I listen to extreme metal,death metal,and black metal and I will disagree. Even what doesn't die is NOT too extreme to be played for others. It might not be radio material but if there was a 2 song sampler, that would be a perfect song. It has been proven as every one I have played this cd for has loved it. Safe home will just be laughed off. I like the song but WHY do bands still feel the need to release a song that is so unrepresentative of the band's sound. Oh well, I am not the promo team leader for bands so it is their decision.