The Official Royal Carnage Fun With Google Thread


What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse
Jun 5, 2002
Kandarian Ruins
I don't know how many use the "I'm feeling lucky" option with, but it can be pretty great. Try typing in the following, and click "I'm Feeling Lucky" (the button which automatically sends you go the first result):

Miserable Failure



and of course, Royal Carnage (because yer damn right we pop up first! :kickass: )
Demonspell said:
Also try "weapons of mass destruction", but you probably know about that one already.

Also try "french military victories"...
My name: Adrian Smith
From Googlism: adrian smith is a balding romanian haberdasher whose latest hobby is hanging out in teen chat rooms

:lol: x1.02378401283012830x10e4128
now I have no problem with festively plump folks... I myself am not captain six-pack - BUT THAT MOTHERFUCKER IS FAT!!!!11

... just... wtf. how.
Yeah I don't understand how people get that huge. It's not like you wake up one day and say holy shit! I just gained 200 pounds overnight!

"The day I wake up, and I can't see my dick, I STOP FUCKIN' EATING!!!"
--Denis Leary
I've been listening to No Cure for Cancer since 1994 and have long since memorized the whole thing. Recently discovered a book version was published along with the CD, and found a cheap used copy on It's even funnier! I can't believe how incredibly awesome it is, and how much stuff was left out from the HBO special and CD!
Googlism said:
nad is out of the office
nad is the oxidized
nad is thus a combination of breath and energy
nad is making a stand for stereo
nad is dedicated to working with others toward this goal
nad is typically used by enzymes as an oxidizing agent that traps energy
nad is limited and will be used in the metabolism of alcohol preferentially
nad is an mp3 player
nad is lacking though
nad is a company famous for both integrated amps and bang
nad is the investigative body
nad is also one of a tiny
nad is on firm ground
nad is not the appropriate forum to address concerns about the "good taste" of ads
nad is typical nad grey and green
nad is known for being responsive
nad is warm and musical and the rotel
nad is celebrated to ensure aboriginal rights are recognized
nad is the specialist of value
nad is nicotinamide
nad is an unformatted direct access file consisting of three parts which produce a total of 4*
nad is sympathetic to the concerns of colleges and universities regarding the high cost of providing communication access for students who are deaf
nad is slightly less powerful
nad is short for national accountability day
nad is different
nad is turned in to nadh through glycolysis
nad is simply better
nad is a highly androgynes caucasian singer and a performer
nad is not detectable at 340 nm
nad is a private
nad is as dynamic and energetic live as his music is on the recordings

What a strange person. :dopey: