The ROYAL CARNAGE Interview that never got published: AKERCOCKE

Papa Josh

Minister of Propaganda
Interview for Royal Carnage with AKERCOCKE's Jason Mendonca

Papa Josh: My wife likes to refer to you guys as "satan booty music," in reference
to the many scantily clad women in your cd sleeve, the sexual overtones
and the evil nature of your music. Is that a good description? How would
you describe your sound?

Jason Mendonca: How hugely amusing. What a positively astute lady your wife must be Sir.
From now on I too shall describe the Akercocke sound as Satan booty

PJ: Can you give Royal Carnage readers a little background on the band?

JM: We are all from very bad backgrounds. All our parents were all
vagabonds, thieves and neâter do wells. That we have had such a storming rise to success is amazing. A real rags to riches story just like Oliver Twist but we have been taken in by Uncle Beelzebub. Thinking about it almost brings a tear to my eye.

PJ: What does Akercocke mean? Is it just a word you guys made up, and if so,
what were the circumstances of its creation?

JM: Yeah we just made it up and cleverly disguised the word COCK between an
AKER and an E.

PJ: Who are some of your favorite bands from the current metal scene?

JM: Currently I am listening to an amazing band from the UK called â?oTed
Maul.â?* I am also a massive fan of a band called Sikth who are also from the UK. Other than those two I am not listening to anything current right now. I tend to listen to lots of old stuff because I am a miserable old cur. Lately (actually always) I have been listening to lots of Sabbath, Motorhead, Led Zeppelin and Rush. Perennial faves.

PJ: There are aspects of your sound that are definitely non-metal. Who are
some of your non-metal influences?

JM: There are lots but to name a few would include Sonic Youth, Dead Can
Dance, Killing Joke and Japan.

PJ: If you could tour with two other bands and it was your decision, who
would it be and why?

JM: Hmmm, good question. I can’t speak for the others but it would
probably be Iron Maiden and Rush for the pure and selfish reason that I would never tire of watching their sets each night. Back in the real World however it would be Suffocation and Obituary because they are the guvnorâts.

PJ: I don't think I've ever heard AKERCOCKE do a cover, if you do, which

JM: We have on odd occasions (very rarely granted) wheeled out a couple of
DEATH covers live, namely ”Evil Dead” and “Leprosy.”
We also once recorded “Mesmerised” by CELTIC FROST for a compilation
album. In our rehearsal room we sometimes blast through “The Dead Shall Rise” by TERRORIZER for our own amusement.

PJ: On a related note, what would you still like to cover?

JM: The walls in my bathroom. My wife is going to kill me if I leave it
another weekend.

PJ: So, when can we expect a new album from AKERCOCKE?

JM: 2005. Beware.

PJ: Are there any plans for an AKERCOCKE dvd in the near future?

JM: No immediate plans that I am aware of.

PJ: Talk about the band's relationship with Martin Bonsoir.

JM: Martin is a very good friend of mine who is no longer actively involved
with Akercocke. He recorded the first three albums and mixed and co-produced the first two. Martin used to come out on the road with us too and mix the bands shows. Amazingly he would also trigger all the samples and play the
keyboards from the front of house desk. This is why I used to call him
”The Octopus” as you would seem to need eight arms to manage such a feat.

PJ: Are you pleased with Neil Kernon's results? It seems everything he
touches shines golden, Chronozon is no exception.

JM: We are exceptionally pleased with Neils mix. It was a great honour to
have a gentleman with his wealth of experience and tremendous practical ability take control of the finishing process of Choronzon.

PJ: What is your take on the world's current events? My country is divided,
I find myself on the side opposing the current administration and I like
to get opinions of those who don't live in the USA, as most Americans
are polarized.

JM: I am afraid that I cannot really comment on your country’s political
divisions as I take very little interest in politics, domestic or World. I used to in a time when it seemed that parties truly had an opposing stance to one and other and actually appeared to have different agendas. These days I see politicians as empty puppets bending in the wind as required in an ugly world of politics that
seems far more concerned with public perceptions, marketing, media
manipulation, spin, sound bites and nepotism than any real desire to serve an electorate. A classic example of the blurring of political borders and just how confused things have become is illustrated rather well by our own Labour party (who are socialists allegedly) reflecting the values of Thatcherite conservativism expounded by the Tories in the early eighties. Incredible.

PJ: I read on your website that the manner in which you dress was inspired
by Martin Ain of CELTIC FROST. That being said, do you think we'll ever
see the next album from CF, or is this another instance of Axl Rose
Syndrome, second guessing and self-doubt?

JM: In the late eighties and early nineties, Salem Orchids appearance was
inspired by Mr Ain. I doubt we will ever all hear any fresh output from the mighty FROST and this is probably a good thing as I heard some demo output from Fischer and Co recorded a year or two ago and it was sadly rather poor. Certainly no return to the glory days of Into the Pandemonium.

PJ: I'm going to assume that you guys have day jobs... what do you do to get

JM: Mostly banana wine and Thorazine.

PJ: Are there any new, blasphemous t-shirt designs that we can look forward

JM: No.

PJ: Anything you'd like to add, say to the fans, the public, etc., ad

JM: To enhance your Akercocke listening experience, just add nauseum.
hehe ... these guys are funny ... saw in interview with them on TV some time ago and they were jsut as funny ... good to see they don't take the holier than thou road.