The Official Royal Carnage MISTRESS thread! Cunts!!!

Nate The Great

What would Nathan do?
May 10, 2002
Hahahahahahahah! :lol: :lol: :lol:

I made an official Royal Carnage thread. I'm funny!

Seriously, though. The new Mistress is awesome. I'd even go so far as to say Papa Josh would like it. As usual, the vocals are about as harsh and extreme as anything Anaal Nathrakh does (since it's the same guy), but this album actually has some variation in the vocals. They range from acid and bile enducing screams to deathly roars. The music seemed a little too cleaned up at first. What I mean is that the first Mistress had a totally sick, skanky feel to it. This 2nd CD is a little easier to discern the instruments. The music basically like Napalm Death, Iron Monkey, Electric Wizard, and Cathedral having a gang bang. The End has it for a very nice price.

Mistress II: The Chronovisor

Check it here you cunts! (check out the top of your browser when looking at the following webpage)

These guys are on Rage of Achilles, right? Pretty cool label from what I can make out - I like the following artists:

Forest of Shadows
While Heaven Wept
*Some* Omnium Gatherum
Heard good things about Frost, and now Mistress

RoA now on The End's distribution roster as well.