The Official Royal Carnage Fun With Google Thread

spaffe said:
BUMP, since this thread is kind of funny to start with and because I found this which I thought was pretty amusing, albeit not enought to warrant a thread of its own: :D
I haven't laughed so much at something on the internet for fucking AGES!!! :lol:

ayeka is a goddess


ayeka is not very popular

:erk: :cry:

ayeka is a sick freak because she wants to whip tenchi

ayeka is eating noodles

(I'm bloody hungry right now actually!)

ayeka is a 7 year old

!!! :erk:

ayeka is cute


Also, I got curious on Google and did a few I'm Feeling Lucky's with my name and some of my friends. One of my dearest friends came up on a page that contained the following:
Sophie's site brings you the best in cum swapping, gang bangs and interracial action. If sexy things like rim jobs, just over 18 teens, asians, latinas, black on black, tit fucking, facials, and pussy eating do not appeal to you, there is a link to leave.

I don't have the heart to look... :cry: