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I have absolutely no problem sleeping nowadays. I walk around tired all day long. The wife wakes up at night if need be though. He has been sleeping throughout the night since he turned 2 months old, besides the occasional whimper for his pacifier.

I stopped taking ambien last December because I knew it wouldn't bode well with my then upcoming situation.
All the "boohoo RC sucks now" posts from FIFTEEN YEARS AGO are funny.

Have we become The Simpsons at this point? I dunno though, I still have a good time, and stopped watching the Simpsons about 349 seasons ago.
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Bloke was edgy before there was a whole Reddit incel movement. Well ahead of his time.

Sup nigbeat? Ye received my letter via carrier pigeon I gather. Dont fucking leave this time friend, and tell Claws & Nightmare to GTFOBIRC.

For the uninitiated, this Nico is NOT one of the aforementioned incels (Moose) in which he compares my edginess to (they wish). This is the Hellraiser from Aus who ran Northern Shadows. :kickass:

Kenneth, I'll remove my capitalist cueen once you put some hespect on her name. Elsewise, enjoy the view.