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Apr 29, 2001
dead between the walls
Feel free to contribute to this ongoing project. I'm sure I'm missing something as I'm doing this from memory and can't be bothered to read through tons of old posts.

Sold! - an expression of delight used to indicate when one has successfully convinced someone to purchase an album. Always written with at least one exclamation point.

Drunk thread - A thread posted while under the influence of alcohol, usually containing multiple spelling errors. These show up at least once a week.

Bodomites - rabid fans of Children of Bodom, known for greatly overrating that band and instigating flame wars and coming up with very stupid arguments.

In the gay way - A term used to express fanatical devotion to something.

17 - a number of mysterious significance, which shows up randomly in threads.

avatar - an identifying image, people have been known to drive others crazy by changing theirs on a regular basis.

signature - memorable quotes often end up being used in them.

ERIIWIRRDSS - a mangling of the word "weird" that first appeared in a drunk thread, used to describe the completely bizarre. (correct me on the proper spelling.)

Negura Bunget - Romanian black metal band heavily promoted by Royal Carnage.

staff pick of the week - the best album being reviewed in each batch of updates as determined by the RC writers. Most of these were heavily discussed on the forum at one point.

thrash metal terror - a term coined by Erik and Sorath to describe the intensity of thrash, especially their own.

living in the past - an insult used by Neal and others. Often written with the adjective fucking.

prog - abbreviation for progressive rock, a genre loved by many on the forum, though no one can agree on its proper definition. King Crimson is particularly revered by a few forum members.

Celtic Frost - BWD's dislike of them led to a particularly memorable thread and signature image.

gay forest - a picture of a colorful forest and a power-metal related inside joke.

phorest fotography - a nature appreciation thread containing some striking photographs taken by forum members.

GMD - General Music Discussion, an area of UM known for acts of idiocy. Threads from here and other places are often linked and mocked.

Iron Maiden - subject of RC's first review of a band's entire catalogue, and one everyone on the forum agrees on, with the notable exception of NAD (who ironically shares his name with Adrian Smith.)

tabs - according to one Bodomite, one must read them before reviewing an album.

Madder Mortem - the hysterical vocals of their lead singer caused RC's most infamous negative review and played a key role in a flame war. See also Atrox.

rhyming game - a bit of inspired nonsense designed as a way out of a flame war. New word every five posts.

threadjack - deliberately causing a thread to go off-topic. Happens in over 75% of threads.

melodic death - influential but now declining genre that still causes intense debates, especially In Flames and Arch Enemy.

NSBM - black metal subgenre whose ideological distinctions have led to massive differences of opinion, some people refuse to support such bands while others fervently defend their music and nationalistic (and often blatantly racist) overtones.

Goatsblood - depending on who you speak to, this band and Watchmaker are either visionaries or unlistenable noise, see the point-counterpoint review on the RC site.

Primal Fear - spam for a record release party by this Priest soundalike band led to the most disgusting threadjack on RC ever, which greatly upset said spammer.

horror movies - a favorite pastime of many forum members, particularly Japanese horror and zombie flicks.

porn - another favorite pastime of the forum. Many threadjacks result in sexually explicit discussion.

politics - another frequent non-metal discussion topic, many members of the forum are fiercely anti-Bush, but just like with music, there is little everyone can agree on.

band everyone can agree on - we haven't found one yet, and likely never will.
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There also seems to be a lot of album description that refers to certain sexual body parts and what happens to them as a result of listening to said album.


The new Sunn0))) kicks my dick in!

The new Void of Silence tweeks my nipples with hot irons!


Said album makes the listener do strange things . . . usually involving bodily functions.


Manes 'Vilosophe' makes me urinate with glee!

Old Man Gloom makes me lactate like a pregnant ape!


--NAD: who/what is this mysterious creature? is he god? satan? does he really drive a lesbian car? does his reliance on algebra-based opinions have biblical origins?

--did slash really join Sunn0)))?

--where did bloodfiredeath go?

--does anyone at the forum actually have a REAL job?
Some additions (thanks Nate):

teh - internet geekspeak adopted by the Opeth (now Seriously Off-Topic) forum and later used on RC, usually in mockery. Common phrases include teh win (meaning this rules), teh suck, and teh gay.

Viking metal - genre appreciated by many on the forum, reflected in the RC logo.

doom metal - another genre followed by nearly all on the forum.

Seven Deadly Sins - a feature on the website devoted to increasing exposure for seven unsigned bands (at the time of its writing), among them Woods of Ypres, Exit To Eternity, and Scald.

latest purchases thread - long running thread, always on the top page, detailing new acquisitions that has grown to monstrous proportions (2800+ posts and counting)

grey font - posts would appear in this color for no apparent reason.

fanboys - insult used to describe immature fans who think their favorite band can do no wrong. Often used in conjunction with COB and Opeth.

Code666 - independent metal label whose releases often get positive reviews on RC. See also Willowtip.
goat - used in direct replacement of god, as in "goat only knows" or "oh my goat." I think Dead_Lionness brought this to the fold, but she doesn't post here anymore so I claim it to be sole intellectual property of the Royal Carnage Forum.

Three. Word. Excitement. - origins can be traced to Watchmaker's album titles: Kill. Crush. Destroy. and Kill. Fucking. Everyone., as well as Comic Book Guy's pessimistic outlook on life: Worst. Episode. Ever.

5 stars - almost always reserved for spam posts, a general free-for-all has already begun before this connotation is granted to any given thread, but when announced all bets are off and the name Royal Carnage becomes fully apparent. Thanks to HarmonyDies.... for instigating this.

And yes, this should be a sticky, organized into FAQ-like precision even.
did i ever say how much i love this forum :)
this thread is teh ghey (or however the fuck you guys spell it) ... lol

i think the only 4 or 5 Negura fans in the world hang out on this board.
I have to get Negru to come check this thread out.
Demonspell said:
Madder Mortem - the hysterical vocals of their lead singer caused RC's most infamous negative review and played a key role in a flame war..
Wasn't that also related to the Atrox band and their singer, who got fired... or maybe I'm mistaken.
Yeah, people actually thought we'd rather take it in the bum than listen to Atrox. No sense of humour with some people! :loco: