The Official Royal Carnage W.A.S.P. Thread and Poll

Favorite studio W.A.S.P. release

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Papa Josh

Minister of Propaganda
Haven't made one official in some time.. feels good.

Anyhow, I'm sitting here listening to one of the great bands in rock/metal's history. So, let's breakdown this legendary group, dissect if you will, the albums, the members, the vast scope of their influence.

I'm posting this again because I forgot to post the poll on the other one and it won't let me delete or edit the way I want to.
Papa Josh said:
one of the great bands in rock/metal's history.
Werd to that Papa.

They are far and away my favorite USA holdover from the '80s. I voted the s/t debut, just because it holds a place near and dear to my heart. The very first time I heard "School Daze," I nearly shit myself that LA metal could be that good. God I love this fucking band.

Anyone who doesn't go see them on their upcoming US tour is a big bag of poop.
Damn. I already voted.

I would have added "Last Command," "Headless Children" and "Crimson Idol," though I pretty much like almost all their stuff.

Can't wait to hear the new one, sounds like a very cool story.
Had to go with the debut; "L.O.V.E. Machine", "School Daze", "Tormentor", "Sleeping in the Fire", etc. Just a killer debut.

I also really loved "The Last Command" and "The Headless Children".

Good call Papa Josh, i absolutely LOVE W.A.S.P. The debut is brilliant with some of the catchiest rocking songs ever released altogether on one album. The Last Command i also put because it's the first album i ever owned by them and the song Widowmaker makes me wanna just go nuts. Inside the Electric Circus took a while for me appreciate as a whole since it seems a bit simpler than the previous 2 upon first listen and didn't really stand out but now i love this one too. The Headless Children, WOW what a huge departure for W.A.S.P. and Frankie Banali tore the drums up on this one. Then of course The Crimson Idol. fucking epic, great use of recurring themes, great story and just an all around great effort at a concept album. Helldorado was kinda like Electric Circus to me, didn't stand out right away and seemed kinda bland as well as different sound production wise, but this album was the only one to be done in all digital format which i suppose accounts for that. Once this one sinks in it turns out to be quite an ass kicker. It's kinda similar to the debut in some ways and i like this one alot also. Dying for the World, now when i first heard this one i was like WOOHOOOOO. Blackie was pissed and he was on the warpath. This one makes you wanna go out and slap some nuns around.:D
Gotta be the first one. I'm not old enough to remember them first time round, but when I grabbed my dad's copy of the W.A.S.P. vinyl after damn near wearing out the grooves on Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son (still one of my favourite albums, incidentally), it was a revelation. :D
IOfTheStorm said:
well except "The Crimson Idol" and the song "Sleeping in the Fire" i totally dislike them.
"Helldorado" and "Unholy terror" had their moments

This sentence makes no sense to me. It contradicts itself. How, aside from those two songs can you totally dislike them if two separate albums mentioned in the next sentence had their moments??

This is not totally disliking something. This is half-assed disliking because deep down inside, you want to scream out loud to the world I FUCKING LOVE W.A.S.P.!!! :kickass: :kickass:

Don't be scared...

"Sleeping (In The Fire)" is one of my favorite songs ever.
sure it makes sense
"The Crimson Idol" has a totally different feeling from the other Wasp albums (especially the first 2) . First 2 WASP album have the feeling that many glam/sleaze bands had (of course the music is not like that) and thats a feeling i cant stand.
And i love the whole "The Crimson Idol" album, it is different than any other Wasp album, it has more musical depth and variety in riffs and melodies (and there is the outstanding story behing it). The other two albums i mentioned had their moments ... i didnt exactly LIKE the albums just enjoyed some moments
W.A.S.P. are awesome! The first album is one of those perfect heavy party albums, 'kin class. The second one's grand too. Hopefully I should be getting hold of The Crimson Idol and Dying For The World soon...didn't know they had a new one out, shit!
WASP were on VH1 Metal Mania yesterday, and I was reminded of just how great a vocalist Blackie Lawless was/is. Seriously, I think he's underrated as a metal vocalist.
Erik said:

How many people here have heard Nokturnal Mortum's cover of that

It is amazing

what? there is one? or joke ...

oh Yeah, the debut by far is the best ... Headless Children and KFD are faves too
WASP was a real good band. It would make for an interesting debate, as to whether all the gimics hurt or helped them in the long run. Most bands that rely on such gimics, do so to mask (no pun intended) a lack of songwriting ability. WASP had no shortage of great songs.

i saw this earlier ... will take Chris Holmes comign back to the band to see them live.