The One You Love to Hate


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Apr 17, 2001
Mystic, CT
Hey all -

Now that I have a kick ass drum track from the one and only Maidenman, I am wrapping up this one in the next week or so.

I will be posting a couple of versions -

Constantine - if you want to send me a bass track, you'll be on a version. 7th, get me a vocal track and your on one too.

I hope to have an IMG version with you two, and an EV version with Randy on bass and Neets on the second vocal track. All other parts will be the same on both versions.... Rabs the MixMaster will be doing the mixing (as well as one of the guitar parts)...

Let me know dudes!

Last call!

Rabies has all the tracks except for the intro rhythm guitar (unless you have my original git only track, then use that)...

If you want in on a version, speak up now....

Okie dokie.

Jim gave me his parts, so I threw together a rough mix. I thought it sounded ok. Than I listened to it again later and the day and decided it stunk. BUT - 7th, can you use it to lay down your tracks? Grab the IMG version. The EV version I'll take down soon.
I posted another IMG version up on myplay. QuantumRocker (of EV) was kind enough to resend his bass track at a lower level. I mixed it in...sounds better. I am thinking I still might need to lower overall bass volume a bit. I dunno. Let me know what you guys think.

Off to work on To Tame Some.:)
:confused: Which track did you use? The IMG mix I made last week should have had everything on there....two guits, bass, drums, Jims Vocals and all lead guitars. must have used a different track..that explains why synching was WAY off on your track. I had to add about 16 seconds of silence in front of your track to make it fit.

I'll copy the mix you should use to MaidenMans Locker. The vox you sent me work if you just wanna record the scream...thats cool. Let me know. It should be up there in 5 minutes. :)

Quantum Rocker from the EV project did a bass track for it. I think he was just giving you the courtesy of asking if you wanted to do a version as well....but as you are up to your ass in tracks! ;)
Hey Constantine!

Yeah I just wanted to make sure we accomadated you if you wanted to do a version.... Randy was looking to do some tracks to start getting involved so I asked him to whip out a track. The other dude who works at the same place I do has fallen by the wayside, so I don't expect anything from him...

Rabs: Did you get my email? Can you send me a mix w/o my vox so I can do a final version?

Thanks dude!
I was not in at work yesterday Jim (at least not at the office) no, I did not.

You may/may have not read in another thread that I hosed my PC to an extent...and I have not had the time to fix it. I need to get N-Track running again before I can perform anymore work on 1uluv and To Tame A Land.

I'll try to get it fixed tonight.
I'll be pumping out another version of the bass track since I fixed my peak levels and went back to Samplitude for the recording interface....much better...after getting a better version of this, I'll be practicing Transylvania/Strange World a bit.

Hailz to all my metalhead brothers and sisters!! :cool: