The ONE!

can't say I've thought about it that much. the problem is that they are all guys.. maybe you should ask this question about Arch Enemy.
Best looking.. yep, we are fanboys for sure now.
Luke, good point.
If you ask me... wait, how can I say this without sounding wrong?

Mike has the score on the 'cuteness' factor
Pete looks hella good with a guitar in his hands 'cuz he's tall
M. Mendez would have been a good casting call for Jesus
M. Lopez looks like metal incarnate

Hell, they should do a cover for GQ!

Opeth : The Swedish Have Landed

...whatever. :rolleyes:

Shoulda made this post 'Ugliest band'
Morbid Angel would win, claws down!!
(no dis, they are my 2nd favorite metal band)
Hmm... A tough one. Mikael really was cute, but it seems his face has gotten wider, and I get the creeps of his moustache.

At the cover of Still Life Lopez and Mendez look so alike, I actually suspected they were the same dude, or some trick like Jared on COF's Vempire. You know, a danswanö or something playing drums and bass, and they just had picked some guy for fun to be on both of the pictures. (At the time I didn't know the MAYH line-up.) :)

Peter is my vote. I like his hippie-look.
Peter, yeah..

Has the best look by far, who else is metal can get away with those little yellow sunglasses and not get called out? :p

Mikael seems to hide his face in pictures, with his hand up towards the camera, so I really didnt know what he looked like up close till I saw the video.. and, to bring up a dead issue, the moustache did surprise me.

The Martins seem just very.. "metal" to me.. which is fine, and that seems to be the look that the metal-loving-females like the most - I got a LOT of flak when I chopped my hair all off.. :D

I still don't see how Mikael looks like Jerry Seinfeld though.. if Lee_B could supply us with some evidence.....

Windom Pearl - YES!!!! Even now when I look at the Still Life booklet I could swear they just took another picture of Mr Mendez turning 90 degrees and passed it off as Lopez! Aha! I still can't tell the difference between those two...

And I still don't understand either why Mikael looks like Jerry Seinfeld?
Originally posted by Kem And I still don't understand either why Mikael looks like Jerry Seinfeld? [/B]
He doesn't! :lol: Seinfeld?? No way. Mike looks pretty original I'd say. Well, the hair does sort of give me a feel of Robert Plant way back when, but Peter's got that face that I can't resist! He's sa-WEET!

:: pant pant pant :: :loco:

WOE! Enough already. Looks. Eh! It doesn't matter. But, I agree it's funny to see what people are going to say.
hehe. I dunno what it is, but there's definitely a hint of Jerry Seinfeld going on... :)

The cutest? Well, Peter was the one the girls were throwing themselves at when he was in the UK. Unfortunately for them he's got (had?) a girlfriend at home. He doesn't have an arse though. Just a spine with a hole at the bottom. :D

I think Mikeal got his share of arse. It's so huge he can barely get his cordroy flares over it...

Please don't go away and think that I have an unhealthy pre-occupation with Swedish Men's bottoms :lol:
Well inasmuch as I"m a hetero-guy, this topic doesn't hold much interest for me, but what's interesting anyway is the number of female Opethians- the only other message board i've frequented (though I never go there anymore) is the one at the official In Flames site, which is a place, it seems, dominated by teenagers, few adults here and there, and a few females here and there.

I'm pretty much a newbie at metal music, but is it true, as it appears, that Opeth is the most "female-friendly" death/black metal band? Their music seems to garner the most female attention, and if this is so, what does this mean about the music, and if it means anything about the music, what does it mean in this newer light to guys?

Some guys are really insecure about their virility for which reason effiminacy is sometimes stigmatized- this applies to a lot of things for guys, including musical taste. I've once heard Opeth music described as "gay" which makes me chuckle a little at how silly others can be. Anyway......

he he ha ha meow meow ppprrrrrrr...
I would have to definitely agree with Opet on this one......peter rocks my world!!!! especially the picture within the cover of BWP!! But in new light.....i dont find any of the band members unattractive at all!

But what Xtokalon said about the "females" in this forum kinda makes me feel all warm and toasty's so awesome to be able to discuss opeth's music as well as so many more topics, and being able to be understood and related to rather than judged by people who dissapprove of your musical preferences.....sigh sigh.....thanks everyone!
Heh. It's funny, actually. Mikael once said in an interview (how often do I start sentences like that?) something along the lines of that he could sing in a variety of styles, that, in fact, he could easily do a pop record if he wanted to, but had no desire.

I'm thinking if Peter is so popular with the ladies they could write a bunch of crappy pop love songs, and fake Peter as the frontman, y'know, have him lipsynch in concerts, do the whole crappy fabricated pop band thing. Heheh... actually, then what you need is the two Martins doing a little dance routine behind Peter onstage. They could make a killing doing that shit and then put that money into taking (the real) Opeth on a sweeping worldwide tour... which could, inadvertantly, draw a bunch of confused, young teenybopper girls out to get blown right out of the stadium by "The Leper Affinity" :heh: The destruction of virgin ears by death metal. I'm evil that way. Then they'd go home to their parents, one will read the lyrics of Leper, it would cause an uproar, and... oh, that chaos... I love it.

Heheheh. Just a thought...

(note: all of the above would actually suck, I just enjoy thinkin' this shit up)
LOL! I can just see all the girls (and guys?) swooning as they type away with their horny little fingers. he heheh

Actually, commenting on Xtokalon's comment.... I think its pretty sad that people wouldn't listen to Opeths music cause they're such insecure withdrawn freaks and can't get their head around their sexuality. Opeths music gay? HA HA HAAAAA.. Thats one of the funniest things I've heard man... LOL! not that there is anything wrong with gay people.... hey I'm bi myself so I know that beauty can be found in male or female material expressions reguardless of procreation, plumbing or whatever excuse religion whores to the world.

So if that mostly female or gay thing keeps the closed minded de-evolved fuckheads from joining the opethian crew.... FUCKING GOOD... they're doing us a favour I think. We can do without bad vibes and insecurities. This is music for the strong and ever evolving! :)

ps:LOL @ Hoser.... fuck man you got a twistedly brilliant imagination... I wonder what they're 'spice' names would be.... 'stache spice' maybe for Mik? ha ha haaaaaa.... <evil gryn!>
and hell yer forgot to mention whos the 'one' or whatever.. lol... I think they're all too much a bunch of twinks for my likings. good to see at least that miks growin some manly furr.... LOL!

Raven 777... yeah man I noticed M. Mendez's pic on BWP how he looks like Christ something chronic. I could just picture him on the cover of a Jesus Christ Svperstar promo flyer... he heh..

Christ man I wonder what the guys from Opeth would think if they seen this shit posted on here.... LOL! I can just see em now laughing their tits off.
Ahhhhh Hahahahahahaha!
"Stache Spice" Whooo...
(subtle applause for Autumn Rust)

This is all Lee_B's fault... we're going to mock poor Mikael's moustache perpetually from now on... if we're not careful, we're gonna end up beating it to death like an overstuffed pinata with a Mexican midgit trapped helplessly inside... hehheh... whooo... *deep breath*