The wierdest band u like?

This is a good thread...what does a person who likes Opeth, Dark Tranquillity, Hollenthon, and other great bands listen to when no one is looking?

First, Metallica. Ok, yeah I know we all have sampled Metallica at one time in our lives, but what I keep to myself for the most part is I absolutely loved Load. Yeap. Sorry. When you look at Load as another group, it comes across as some amazing music. Reload is pure garbage. It is the album that pushed me away from Metallica, but I still listen to Load this day.

Depeche Mode. One of my favorite bands of all time. I love the silly pop beginnings “Just can’t get enough!” to their more lush middle years, to their venture into top 40 material, to their rock-tinged later years, to even their current misunderstood masterpiece. I always hate it when a critic calls an album to slow, or mellow. We do not always need our balls to shake.

KMFDM. Their music is everything I hate in most American Metal bands. It is Repetitive, with simple lyrics designed to push easy emotional buttons. I have been stoned to this band WAY to many times, and their music has been fused to my brain. Any band that finds a way to put their name into a song on just about every album has to be cool, especially when they cut themselves down all the time. Also, you might be surprised to find some decent music in there some were. LOL

This is the one that is probably the strangest. I own the “Oh Brother Were art though” soundtrack. It is made up of gospel, blues, and country sounds, and I just love it. (there goes any chance I have of ever convincing someone on this forum that a new band is cool…..”what? Foxdvd likes them? They MUST suck, he likes gospel”) what is strange is I hate country and gospel for the most part...
foxdvd: there goes any chance I have of ever convincing someone on this forum that a new band is cool
Don't be so sure. I love blues, soul, jazz will be listening! :D (with open ears and open mind) Great movie hey Who are some artists featured on the soundtrack?

leadfoot256: Einsturzende Neubauten
Jo...I love blues and jazz, and I know many here do, but I was afraid gospel might cross the line with some here. LOL. I am also a big fan of Kenny Wayne Shephard....

Groups on the cd. OH Brother Where art Though

James Carter & The Prisoners

Harry McClintock

Norman Blake

Alison Krauss

The Soggy Bottom Boys

Chris Thomas King

Norman Blake

The Whites

Alison Krauss And Gillian Welch

Fairfield Four

The Stanley Brothers
well for one, i really enjoy the deftones...
i understand that some people consider them to be part of the hideous nu-metal movement, but i believe they are much better than that...there are many beautiful moments in their music.
i also like weezer, the get up kids, far, will haven, and glassjaw :O
foxdvd, how do you feel about Stevie Ray Vaughan and SCREAMING JAY HAWKINS? :D I do not own any gospel, but do appreciate the sound of large African-American Southern gospel choirs, singing joyous songs of celebration. (there, now we are both in it together) :lol:
Hey dolphz & Duvall....

what do you think drukqs will be like?

i've heard a few songs and they were all REALLY good.. one of them was a really depressing and melancholic piano piece.. sounded a bit like silhouette!
When no one's looking, or when the feeling kicks in, I listen to some trance, like Aphex Twin and (DAMN! I can't remember the other.. I'll edit it here when I do. :p). Man With No Name - Vavoom! gets my juices going every time I hear it.. :)

I also listen to Vangelis and Moby.

Well, most people I know think Frank Zappa made some of the wierdest music ever (although most of it is pretty normal to me) and I'm a huge Zappa fan, so... And, the song "Prelude to the Afternoon of a Sexually Aroused Gas Mask", specifically, is pretty abnormal.

I like Fastball. That's pretty damn different than Opeth - pure pop. "Anyone can see the road that they walk on is paved in gold..." la-dee-da... there's also this little pop band I'm pretty sure no one has heard of called "The Greys" of whom I've come across a record called "Ro Sham Bo" (this was years before South Park) that I really like.

Oh, and there is "Flowers on the Wall" by the Statler Brothers - although I wouldn't be aware of that song's existence were it not for Pulp Fiction...
"...smoking cigarettes and watching Captain KANG-a-roo..."
Hehe, I like several bands that have been mentioned and I thought they wouldn't b! Like This mortal coil - not enough people listen to them nemore! And godspeed u black emporer. I listen to A Silver Mount Zion - formed by 3 members of godspeed! I also listen to funk and jazz like Herbie Hancock, Charlie Parker etc. and blues like B.B.King and John Lee Hooker. And occasionally industrial, speedcore, trance, intelligent dance, dark ambient, techno and that sorta stuff. I also admit to owning the best of Depeche mode and tears for fears. And thats about it :)

And fastball aren't pure pop!!! Getting there, but compared to Sclub7 or nsyncthey're nowhere near!!!!

Anyone could see The road that they walk on is paved in gold
And It's always summer, they'll never get cold
They'll Never get hungry
They'll never get old and gray
You can see their shadows Wandering off somewhere
They won't make it home
But they really don't care
They wanted the highway
They're happy there today , today

Hehe mmmmmm mayb ur right there ;)
hibernal dream:

I have *no* idea what "drukqs" is going to be like.. (Aphex Twin's forthcoming album, I surmise). I think that he's getting away from the trendier "Come to Daddy" stuff, and staying with the more bizarre, but REALLY catchy Windowlicker stuff.

A few tracks on Come to Daddy show what he progressed from with Windowlicker.. I'd say Flim and IZ US (sp?) And Bucephalus Bouncing Ball, which is ingenious. Reminds me some of track 2 on Windowlicker.

So I hope/think that "drukqs" will have the creative charm and flow that only Aphex Twin can provide.. and give us at least one video worth remembering (Windowlicker is an incredible video).
I don't know about the wierdest but Anacrusis is definately the most unique band that I've heard and it's one of my all-time favs. It's also the most unknown and under-rated band that I can think of. I know personally only two people on this Earth who like Anacrusis. I've yet to find a band that sounds even remotely close to their style and after hundreds of listens I still can't tell what bands did influence them, neither can I put them in any genre or category.

You can find all their material here: . Check out their last two albums "Screams and Whispers" and "Manic Impressions".

Yeah all his videos are great... Esp. windowlicker

I heard the rest of the album (drukqs) and, Well if you like the windowlicker stuff.. theres a good chance you'l like this.. its pretty different. Most of its a lot of drill n bass, other bits sound like squarepusher or richard devine (2 more great bands) but its really varied, each song sounds different. I wouldn't call it catchy OR charming though, but its really dynamic. I'm getting it when its out for sure.

Are you into any other techno/IDM stuff? I like all the Warp shit especially Plaid and Autechre...