The Tabs-thread

Hi Guys,
I tabbed the guitar part of Ally Cat.
I wrote it since I wanted to learn how to play it; I think it should be kinda good.

In case of any feedback, suggestion, correction, etc... please let me know.

It is based on the "Into tab" made by "bReathl3sS" (thank you very much for letting me use it!!!! :D).
I left his intro drum part. I just changed some of the guitar part in the intro to fit my stile and how I think it should be played, but as I just said, please send me any suggestion.

I'm looking further to add it to ultimate guitar too. [EDIT] -> It is now available on U.G. so if the dropbox link is not available you can find it there.
Does anyone happen to know where I can find some drum tabs of any Seventh Wonder songs? I'd kill to have these. I'm no good at learning by ear.

Would really appreciate it.
I'm calling upon the power of Necromancy to revive this thread!

Nice tabs for Unbreakable, I am currently working on it myself :)

When Andreas mentioned the Sweeping technique I never really understood what he meant. As for the ascending lines, does he strum down with his index/middle finger or his thumb? I've tried to strum down with my index/middle but all I get is the sound of nails hitting the strings, not very consistence with the sound of the descends. I've also tried to sweep down with my thumb but it doesn't really give a clear sound as opposed to the upstrokes. If anyone who understands the technique (Heck, maybe even Andreas himself) can explain it to this slow-minded bass player I would be very grateful.

P.S: Seventh Wonder has really taken my bass playing to the next level. You guys are so good that its almost irritating :D

What I do is I pluck the notes during the ascending lines, starting with the thumb (kind of like in classical guitar) and then alternate index-middle until I reach the top of the arpeggio, and whatever finger that hit the last note will "rake" or sweep the strings going back down.

Examples (Am arpeggio, 16th notes);

D||------------14-----------------14------|| etc

T h-o I M I* I* I* I*

T = thumb
h-o = hammer-on (legato)
I = index
M = middle
I* = index rake/sweep
M* = middle rake/sweep

Another example (Am, triplet feel)

A||--12---15----------------15-|| etc

T h-o I M M* M*

Hope this helps!

I noticed the positions of the fingers underneath the tabs shifted when I actually posted it, so you'l hae to redistribute them yourself, but it is in the order indicated at least
Does anyone have the tabs for In the Blink of an Eye and Like Him? The links earlier in the thread went down a long time ago.

Also, thanks for all the arpeggio info, Andreas - It's been invaluable in learning the technique.

Glad you like the tab, Solomyr. :)
Thanks Andreas! It actually makes so much sense now when you mention it... Next time you play in Sweden i'll make sure to come up thank you!
A little bit "Off-topic" but it is regarding technique as well:

I'm not sure if you are aware of the terminology, but when playing do you use "Rest strokes" (i.e the finger land on the string below after you've plucked it, for example you play the E string and the finger ends up resting on the B string) or do you play "Free strokes", so that you move the finger away from the string into your palm? (Like I do)

Would appreciate if you bothered answering this.

ZachL: Speaking of Unbreakable, the bass/guitar unison after the first Chorus is damn difficult to nail. You made an awesome job tabbing it out. Keep it up man!
Yep, that break is the trickiest part of the whole song, for me at least. Thanks for the kind words!
Hi everybody! I've been a fan since last year wen the almighty Maxx made me discover this wonderful band! The just blew me apart. I just wanted to say that it's amazing to see that there are many other fans as well :). Anyway, I'm posting here 'cause I really want to dig up this topic, since I would love to learn to play more songs by SW, but there are too few tabs on ultimate guitar, so I was wondering if anybody has any "unshared" tab hiding under their pillow eheh :p
I'm currently working on the tab of "Break The Silence". I think it's fairly accurate, but of course, its difficult to tell since the instruments are really blended with each other.
Hi, I'm trying to play "Taint the Sky", but I really need a tab, if this tab exists, someone can send me the link? And if there's no tab, Andreas, maybe you could make it? I would greatly appreciate it! Don't worry if you don't have time, greetings from Spain!
Haloa92: Sounds good!

I stumbled upon an earlier thread that Andreas made called Seventh Wonder FAQ. In it he mentions that when he practices he uses strictly alternate picking (except when playing the sweeps). Is there a reason behind this? When I practice rest strokes on the bass I find that the fingers almost lend themselves to raking in the way that they end up and the strings, at least when it comes to playing descending lines. Is this a bad habit or is it just personal preference? I'd be happy if anyone (Heck, maybe even Andreas himself) good give a good answer, since I'm currently re-learning my plucking technique and I struggle with if I should rake or not.

Thanks for any answers. Stay heavy!
Woah, that's a fast reply!

Thanks for the link Kazar! It was an interesting read. The reason I am wondering is because some people seem to advocate raking and some just detest it. I just want to hear both sides of the story basically. :)

Arpeggios aside, which I view as a special technique, much like slapping or tapping etc, I do firmly advocate alternate picking.

There are a couple of reasons for this;

1) If you rake the strings playing a descending line the second note you hit has a tendency to not be as distinct as the other notes which makes a line blurry.

2) If you play something rather tricky, you are bound to play a Little bit less tight to the beat, than you would picking alternately. If you play a line in which you rake, at a high speed Close to your max, then record it and play it back slower you will almost certainly hear that you will be rushing the tempo everywhere you rake. It is in my opinion virtually impossible to play perfectly tight with rakes.

3) If you ever get a line from, oh let's say your guitar player, that he wants you to double, and it involves stringskipping -you'll be lost! You can't rake playing stringskipping. So basically, your picking hand will be a lot more versatile if you alternate -gearing you to play any line you need to play.

Having said all this I definitely do rake at times. Sometimes simply because it is easier or if something is too fast to play any other way, or if it is the odd pair of notes here and there, where tightness really isn't an issue.

I Think that generally if you are doubling the guitar or keyboard it is more important because those fast runs need to be tight, whereas if you are playing some lucid bass line, more feeling oriented, over some chord progressing it might even be preferable to rake.

SO there you gpo -those are my thoughts anyway.
Thanks for clarifying that Andreas! Gotta get the technique down again, I've played for 7 years with improper technique (not raking, but not playing with rest strokes) and it's a pain to re-learn :p
Echoing a previous request, could someone repost the "Like Him" tab? I've been working through the instrumental bits on guitar, so it would save me some time to have a tab to update rather than create from scratch. I'd be happy to post up the revision (assuming there are errors or incomplete sections, and there almost always are) if the original is ever shared again.