The Tower - UPDATE

Well, I think I've finally found a sound I can live with, hopefully.

Tried a bunch of times to get a decent take after that, but just didn't get one I was satisfied with. To be honest I was feeling a little burned out after tweaking that sound all night, and my hands just didn't have a good take left in them tonight.

Anyway, I'll be back to work on it tomorrow, and with any luck I'll get a track done for it. :)

P.S. Maidenman: I have a favor to ask... Someday, when I'm down in Florida and popping in on you for a visit, there's something you MUST do for me. When I walk into the bar, have a frosty 16oz Molson ready for me, then stand on your barstool with it high over your head in salute and scream.....

"JUST FOR KICKS..... THE TOWER!!!" :lol: :lol: :lol:

LOL, MM! I get a kick out of that every time I hear it! I've had to hit stop and restart my track so many times because of missing the beginning while laughing. :lol: Typical drummer....NUTS!!! :loco:

Someday I will visit you down there. Count on it. Maybe I'll even pick up Rabs on the way. :D

Sorry, but I didn't get a chance to take another crack at The Tower today, but I'll be on it again tomorrow.

Hey gang...

Its great to see the ball rolling on this one....

EC... i heard your preview and its sounding pretty farkin makes soooooooo much difference with bass....I know its just a rough mix but in the final we will have to tweak levels etc cause it wasnt really cutting through....In the original version this is a very bass heavy song....which is cool...!!

while im your icq still active...??

Other than that..yeah i liked the sound....Very stacatto type...
As for the email thing...yeah i dont know what happened....but will try to get it up on myplay asap.

MM... im not sure if u still have my Tower guitar preview that i sent months ago....But if u do... reckon you can whack it on myplay so EC can use it as a reference...??? If u dont have it.... no objections to me emailing it to you first..???

Ill send another message on icq and wait for your reply...

Jim... Sharpen up those tonsils dude....

Rabs.... Wanna fill us in as to how your version is going...?? Considering you sorta got the ball rolling on this one first.... i sorta recorded it without even knowing u had started on sorry if stepping on toes here.... :eek:

Everyone else..... how the fark are ya lads...!!


I have not started my version yet Meds. Was completely waiting on EC to get his bass done to his standards. When his track is done and he is happy, I'll take that, MMs drum track (with his intro line boosted so we can all hear it competely :p ) and start recording.

No worries on stepping on my toes.

Sounds like the bass is done? When can I get a copy? Again, like I have said for..oh... a 3-4 months now? ;) Whenever its done EC..send it my way!
Medsy: Yea, I've noticed the same thing with the levels. It's been the major challenge of that sound to get it as smooth and tight as the original and still maintain it's bite and cut. After hearing it next to the guitar track, I've been slowly adding high-end distortion to help. I have to do it awfully slowly though, cause just a bit too much and it goes to crap. Also, I'll add the digital compression after it's done, which should allow more headroom in the levels. What we'll probably have to do is bring the other instruments down a bit to bring it out, then just boost the overall level in the end. Thanks for checkin' it out. Glad you liked it and I'm glad that you also thought it sounded "staccato", because that's really what I was shooting for. It's hard with my bass though, cause it's a bass designed more for a punchy rock sound than the smooth sound heard in The Tower. It's always hard to be sure, but I think the bass in The Tower is using a fairly sophisticated bi-amping system to really isolate the high and low ends. The end result is: low-end=SMOOTH, TIGHT : high-end=CRISP, DIRTY. It's a hell of a good sound, and I agree with you that it's really a key to the whole song.

I also thought of ICQ, but I haven't installed it on the new cpu yet, sorry.

I'll look on MyPlay for the track tonight and finalize the bass track tomorrow. :)

BTW- It's my fault that Rabs is being caought off guard like this. I took WAY too long on this. He was probably starting to wonder if I'd ever get it done. I've been distracted with other stuff. We bought our house, moved, bought a new cpu, and my Mother-in-Law's illness(cancer), we've just been topsy-turvy here. In fact, I had intended to finish the track tonight, but the poor woman went back to the hospital today with a blood clot in her lung. Naturally, I took my wife to see her tonight. Anyway, things are settling down again, and I don't intend to hold everyone up like that again. Really, I apologize.

Whoa EC... no need to apologise dude.... specially when theres someone with an illness in the family......It all comes down to priorities...and realistically, the guild is ( and should ) be down the list next to work, family, and life in general....

Dont get me wrong.... finding the guild is one of THE best things to happen to me.... and i often wonder what id be doing if i didnt have the guild to hone my skills in with... and then i actually im thankful for this awesome project you guys started.

As for the tower.... we will definately be emailing back and forth the various versions til your happy EC... I agree...well drop down the guitars and boost the bass...the mix i had was too rythym guitar heavy as i had to fill the gap of no bass.... but thatll be fixed in the final....

All the best...

Thanks Medsy, I appreciate the kind words! :)

I just have been frustrated with myself at times because as much as I've wanted to move this thing forward, I've just been too preoccupied.

Well, at any rate, between getting married, moving twice, buying a house, getting a new job, new cpu, illness in the family, and a friggin act of war, etc, etc, there's not a whole lot of things left to distract me now! ;)

BTW- I worked some more on The Tower last night, and was able to hone the sound some more. It really helps to be able to hear the bass alongside of the guitar track and hear how it's interacting. It's hard for us all to fit our tracks in this way, but it's particularly hard with the bass, because I usually have no idea how the guitars are going to sound. It may be helpful in the future to make a sketch rhythm guitar track for reference, even if it's just the very basic chords. All I really need at those times is a few chords to base my sound around.

Anyway, thanks again, and I'll be working on the Tower later tonight. Already started a bit of work on The Needle Lies. :)

Well, I recorded a few takes tonight, and dammit if it didn't turn out right again. :mad:

I just put new Rotosounds on tonight and did a setup overhaul of the bass, and as a result the track turned out really "chimey". :cry: Ordinarily, I LOVE that chimey sound (which is why I use the Rotosound Rounds, always have, always will), but for this song it's just too much ring.

I'll tweak it some and take another crack at it tomorrow. :s
Ok, the bass is up on MM's MyPlay locker. It's got it's flaws, but I'm not spending anymore time on it.

If you put it next to MM's and Medsy's mix track, cut their track by -4.5db , leave the bass at 0db, and lower the overall level by -0.5db. At least that's how I had it.

Cheers! :D

oh wow..... great stuff EC....!!

Ill put a FINAl instrumental of my version out asap.... ( if u dont object EC,RABS....? )

Ill do this before seventh son... (which by the way your synths sound farkin great ploughman dude...great job!!!!) as the tower is already to go...i have a lil harmony part to do and its done.....

JIM,7th.... Any you guys interested in laying some vox for the tower??...if so let me know and ill email a final version u can use for reference....

One small thing.... EC.... reckon u can email your bass part over asap....???
Thanx for version 1 EC.... ill use that for now.....

RABS... EC has uploaded version 2 bass to myplay...unfortunately he had troubles and couldnt email it to me.... I know youll need a copy of the bass for your own when u get around to grabbing it for yourself...reckon you would be able to email it over....???

Sorry for being a pain all.... but its the only way for me to still be able to contribute.....

After ive done 7th and tower..ill scrub my cpu and try again..!