Those with pay TV....

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Apr 14, 2001
METAL MARATHON on MAIN EVENT on August 24th! Of course those of you in Melbourne if you want to watch it will have to get a video set because Dungeon are playing hehe.

Alice Cooper's Brutally Live concert followed by Iron Maiden's Rock In Rio. I'm not gonna get them myself coz I'll be out and don't trust my technology handicapped mum to tape it or to leave the VCR alone and let it tape.

But I thought some of you might be interested :)
Bah, Main Event is only good for the WWE pay per views, and they've been average lately! Summerslam looks like a corker though, but I shan't be watching it.
Originally posted by The Trooper
I'm not gonna get them myself..

You needn't bother anyway as you've got Brutally Live heading your way as we speak. :)
Cos I only have one Foxtel connection now and my mum watches the news, Neighbours and Home & Away from 6 :( I could tape it during the day, but that would be a pain... sigh. It looks like a real good one too! HBK!!!!

Might have to work something out...