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Why is that weird?
The woman probably asked something like "Excuse me do you know where the Schwtchwschshcwhshpflechtpfler Street is?" When she realized you were a tourist probably she was aware of the fact that tourists rarely know things that she, as a local doesn't know; therefore she politely said goodbye saying "Have a nice day".

Mystery solved? :D

Well, why didn't she just ask the guard that was almost beside her? Or the information?
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We were leaving the hotel in Ruisrock (or Rostock, as the weird people seem to call it) and this lady knocked at our door. So I went to open the door and she said something like "sdf, sdflkj, sdafijf?" and I said I don't understand German. She just left and I'm still wondering what the hell was she on about!? :err:

The weirdest thing happened when I went to get some cash from the cash machine at the railroad station near our hotel. Some lady came to me and I guess she asked something. I just said I didn't understand German. She replied to me with these exact words: "Oh! Have a nice day then!" WTF?! :err:
She did definitely not ask "sdf, sdflkj, sdafijf?" :D

Cool thread, rock on guys :)
Well, my trip is done now too, haven't slept in about 36 hours now, but thats ok, so if I seem a bit more weird than usual just blame the Audi's for it :D
Anyway, I will maybe post some sort of 'diary' of my trip and experiences in Germany, Denmark and Sweden and I will add a link here when I do.
I happen to be german, that's why I suppose she didn't ask that.
But you're right, I can't be sure as I wasn't there ...

She didn't ask that anyway :p
Never been to germany... anyways.
But I guess I would need to write a book devoted to British habits with a huge chapter related to their terrible showers! :hehe:

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