Is this bad luck?


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Apr 17, 2001
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I woke up at 3.30am to go to work. It´s the seventh day in a row that I go to work and wake up so early, there´s five more to go... There I was at the post office, everything seemed wonderfull and fine "today I´m gonna be at home sleeping like a baby in no time" I thought but how much more wrong could´ve I been?

First off I was driving some 60 kmh on the road when ran over a squirrel. Damn. Just yesterday I wondered why I haven´t got any roadkills yet, although I drive alot at work so naturally it happened now. I jumped out of the car to make sure the squirrel wasn´t suffering. No it really wasn´t. He was still in one piece, but his eyes had popped out, not a pretty sight at all. :eek:
It wasn´t a very good feeling to drive over that squirrel, but he had a much worse day than I did (so far. after all it´s not even 9 am as I´m writing this). Everything went quite normally for the next hour. As I had feared I did run out of newspapers at the end of route and so as I went back to the postoffice I thought I should find some extra papers somewhere there and try to deliver them to the people although it would mean overtime. Atleast that way I propably wouldn´t get yelled at by the boss who can be a nasty son of a bitch when he´s on the "right" mood. I took all the papers there was at the postoffice and delivered them, but it still wasn´t enough! oh great! Back I went to the post office AGAIN.
There was my boss. Although it had been my fault that I ran out of those papers at the first place I had a very good explanation and I thought he would belive it. Maybe he did, maybe he didn´t, but he was angry none the less. He made it clear that he wanted me to go get some extra papers from the next post office... Okay. I drove about 20 kilometers to meet the other post dude who gave me the ten newspapers that I needed. Great. So back I went. I was getting a little bit unalerted and tired and that almost cost me. Tires schreeching I almost rammed the Volkswagen Transporter van into a traffic sign. That would´ve been VERY INTERESTING to explain to the boss, you can imagine!
Naturally there was also some school kids watching my Mika Häkkinen-like driving maneuver nearby. Asphalt road changed to a gravel road and I was getting closer and closer to the last ten mail boxes. I did have some luck today aswell. I didn´t ram into the traffic sign and I survived from the gravel road aswell, although that wasn´t self-evident. There was a surprisingly tight right hand corner with some loose gravel on it and I had a pretty wild four wheel drift in that one. Very interesting! Nice that there wasn´t any traffic!
Nothing more to report so far but it´s still morning

Has anyone else had an unlucky day today? Btw, it´s 15 years since the Chernobyl accident today.

One more thing... Is anyone surprised that since last friday I´ve seen THREE black cats running across the road at work?! Well atleast I didn´t kill any of those, although this morning that was pretty close too.
Originally posted by mr. tokmak
Ooooh my god.
What a story:eek:
Poor Anssi.I'm pleased that you have overcome these incidents.

Btw you damn squirrel killer.:mad:
What will his family do without him?
Don't you ever think about it
I wish the squirrel was lonely and unhappy and didn´t have any family...:cry:
Hey Timmy, do you want a lift? :D

Taz: That would be an interesting idea... I bet you would have lots of fun with that little guy but I´m not sure if he´d like the Turkish idea of fun!:D