The 15th show


Dec 25, 2001
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THe Benifit show for the peace accord went smoothly and all the bands played really well...1134 played some damn exellent metal
CHEERS by`s.

One thing I noticed was that it never even got mentioned by anybody that it was a PAC benifit show. I wasn`t there the whole night but I even forgot to mention it.
there wasn`t even anybody there from the PAC committe!

I remember back in the day when there were tons of shows at the hall but that completley died! It`s good to see some live music back in the place for a change.
The Rapid Burial CD`s should be finished by then too so prepare yourselves!
It`s nice to finally have something to show after all the hard work with Rapid Burial.
The CD`s and T-Shirts will be for sale @ the hall on the 14th and all will be in short demand so be sure to get yourself some merchandise from some local talent.
An official CD release show will happen in the near future soon after the hall show hopefully at the fish bowl at Junctions.
We`ll check on the availability.
Stay tuned.
Mic`s would have been the ultimate but for 300$ i dont think we can complain. the interviews are low but i think its the fact that people tend to mumble when faced by a camera.