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Whoa, that was the first "nationalistic burst" I've seen from Jan... or from any Belgian :)
They´re a wild bunch, aren´t they? ;) The terrorists were lucky for not choosing Belgium as their primary target... :lol:

Peace, Jan!
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The terrorists were lucky for not choosing Belgium as their primary target... :lol:

I heard they had Belgium in their list, but then they got too confused trying to choose between the Dutch-speaking community and those that speak French, then they concluded there was nothing worth killing in Belgium, and then they went for the US. :err:
You haven't heard the pervert part of the entire scheme yet! ;) :D
The attack on the twin towers was only the beginning of the evil campaign.
Are you saying that I´m bluffing with this hangover thing? ;)
I wish I was!

Wednesday for some reason is a traditional party night in this college and on thursday we´ve just gotto pay the prize.

(btw. last time I paid a good visit in here was because I was not because of being drunk or hung over, but because I was so anxious to get to tell you all (esp. Jan) about Finland´s sweet 4-1 victory over Belgium! :D )
Come oooonnn, everyone beats Belgium, what's so special about that ;)

Hmmm, I guess Jan'll go :hotjump: in rage when he visits this thread again.
4 steps to Finnish media:

step1 : child molestor gets arrested, 2 kidnapped girls are found in his basement, 2 girls are found buried in the garden. The man is suspected of more victims.

step2: media finds out that he should have been in jail, but wasn't because of communication problems between the federal police and the local police.

step3: Belgian leftwing newspapers are mad with police and accuse them of cover up

step 4: Finnish newspaper , section foreign news headline: pedophile police squad lead by prime minister and the king have raped two kindergartens and three primary schools

:eek: :eek:

Umut: you always crack me up
Two weeks since the terrorist attacks and all that followed with the media, and people are bickering about nationality .....