Tuscon Warrel show 3/9/10


Aug 2, 2005
Amazing show last night at a club called The Rock, the bound sounded great ! I was really impressed with the overall performance of the band together and individually. :kickass:

Spent quite a bit of time hangin with Warrel and talking with Jim too. Bought a really cool shirt, would've bought both shirts they had but they only had small and large of one of them.

Talked to Atilla and got a guitar pick from him, he's a helluva guitarist :OMG:
I saw that Attilla kid on youtube playing all of WD's stuff plus a lot of NM, and he's pretty damn good - and he's only 24! I know NM is always looking for a 2nd guitarist, wonder if they've talked to him about at least covering the spot for the upcoming tour when TOC comes out?
How do the shirts look like?

One shirt (the one my beer gut wouldn't have fit in) in the pic from the inside of the PTTWM cd of Warrels side profile with his name above the pic and the name of the cd underneath. The one I bought has Warrel making one of his faces he likes to make so much, ha ha ! On the back it says "Metal Over All".