Ureleased Tracks?


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May 28, 2001
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Hey everyone, I figuered this was the best place to ask...
I found some opeth cd's for sale online that have previously unreleased tracks on them. So far I found 3, I know that they did a couple of cover songs, but what's the deal with these other songs? Does anybody have them? They all seem to be recorded in 2000.
Candlelight re-released the first three records with bonus tracks. MAYH got the two cover songs, one each of Maiden and Celtic Frost done for various tribute records. They're both pretty cool. Morningrise got an early demo track called "Eternal Soul Torture", most of which was carved back up and used in "Advent". Orchid got another demo track called "into the frost of winter" or something Immortal-esque like that (I can't remember) and I have no clue what that's like. I'd assume it was recorded at around the same time (and same production quality) of "Eternal Soul Torture". While cool to listen to to hear how the band progressed, I didn't find it that significant to possess.
yeah, the "Remember Tommorow" cover is simply amazing.

as for the re-released albums, i really hate it when it happens, i spent my money on those albums, and now if i want the bonus tracks i have to buy them all again? why is the money i spent in the past not as worthy as the money i would spend had i bought the albums say.. tommorow?
i just hate it when they do that, pure greed, just release an odds-and-ends compilation with all of the covers and rare tracks, that i will buy, but i will not re-purchase three albums!
Hearse, I understand what you mean!!!
Even worse...I have heard these mysterious o/s re releases also have....wait for it....different art? :eek:
Can anyone confirm this for me?
On what I've heard of the demo tracks the production sucks a golfball through a garden hose. On the contrary, Circle of Tyrans and Remember Tomorrow are both excellent tracks, but still not very similiar to what's on the albums.

I somehow can't bring myself to listen to the unreleased tracks together with the rest, and I would find it highly disturbing if a 'bonus' track ruined the mood of an Opeth cd for me, especially the demo-tracks where not only the sound is different but also the production.

Releasing them on a separate mcd or some such would be good fanservice, and would be less of a commersial concept than what Candelight did. 'Defiling' is the word that comes to mind. It's just not right.
Yeah, the Iron Maiden and Celtic Frost covers are both really, really good. Probably better than the originals. The sound quality of the two unreleased tracks sucks so much that I find them unlistenable. Imagine a tape recorder micing a band out of the air playing live. That's how bad I thought they were. I definitely wouldn't buy the re-releases just to get the unreleased tracks. Now if you just want to get them to say you have them I guess that's a little different. Just prepare yourself for dissapointment in terms of their production.

Bonus tracks suck, they were never intended to be on the album and completely take away from the masterpeice that they were put on. They just don't sound right on such perfect albums that Opeth has made.
Yeah, that's a good point I forgot to mention. I originally had the crappy Century Media release of Morningrise, so decided to replace it with the re-release and donate the old one to a coworker of mine who could appreciate it. Unfortunately, when listening to Morningrise now, I have to awaken myself from the blissful slumber "To Bid You Farewell" puts me into to stop the CD before the misfortunate bonus track begins playing.
Well, you'll notice the lyrics are out of order. The text on the back was inside the booklet and the image of the gate was unobscured, the photo of the band was in colour, and there were background images (of a forested horizon, if I remember correctly) behind the lyrics. The Candlelight re-release is different again, with notes written in 2000 my MA and a backdrop using outdoor band photos in the booklet. So...
I brought Orchid again for 'Into The Frost Of Winter' and I wasn't dissapointed... that track totally kicks ass! :) This track was also carved up and bits used in 'Advent'.

Its really dark and heavy, though has those moments in the track where its like finding a dark and haunting clearing in a forest.
The start of it is insanely fucking hard... it slaughters right away... without hesitation. The production may be crappy..... but fuck the production. Its the track I'm interested in. And I think that people fucking whinge too much about what doesn't matter.

Circle of Tyrants..... that is defenately better than the original. The Maiden track is cool too but I like Circle better.

I still have to get the re-release of Morningrise for that other track.. will do soon though. :D

as for ruining the mood... just program your player to skip the tracks... no fuss.

I for one am glad Opeth decided to include those tracks. Cause then it would be less Opeth for me to listen to. full stop.
How the heck can ya say production doesn't matter, or isn't important?

I don't care how good a song is, if it sounds like shit because of the production, then that totally ruins the experience.

Look at Machine Head's "The Burning Red". That record could have been huge. But Ross Robinson produced it, muddied up all the guitar work, and it sounds very bad. When you see the songs played live though, they kick total ass.

Production is an enormous part of a record. If you think otherwise, then obviously you don't really care about your music enough.