Vista to Windows 7. Will I notice the difference?

Robert W

May 13, 2009
I'm picking up a new PC later this week and, like every new PC on the market, it's running Windows 7. As I've not used a PC w/ Windows 7 on it yet, I was wondering if there are any pronounced differences between it and Vista (my current OS)?

Also, anyone who's running Windows 7 w/ Reaper, any problems?
W7 and reaper 64bit here. No big probs. A few minor bugs in the beginning, but they seemed to have fixed them in the last few Reaper updates. It was probably partially my fault too, because i was new to both W7 and Reaper.
7 is much better than Vista.

I made the jump from XP to 7 and to be honest I have less driver issues with my Profire 2626 using 7.
I have some problems with 64-bit Win7 with 64-bit Reaper on my laptop. The playback has many dropouts quite often - the sound stops for 100 ms and then continues exactly where it stopped. Strangely, this doesn't happen on my desktop PC, also with 64-bit Win7. On both systems, I have used the same interface (Fireface 400 into TI chipset), so it's quite mysterious. On the same laptop, I could run Vista 64-bit and Reaper 64 without any problems, using the same interface :err:
Thanks for the feedback. I'm getting a new desktop in a couple of days, as my old laptop is just getting too old to use any more.
that's exactly what I wanted to say :lol:

It's so true though haha.

I have Windows 7 Ultimate, and it's awesome. I've never felt like I really liked Windows until I got W7. XP was fine, but it wasn't anything special. Vista gave me a major headache when I was trying to fix my friends computer. It is ridiculous how many loops you have to go through just to EDIT A FILENAME. Their admin privileges setup is a major pain.

W7 has some pretty neat things here and there too. I tend to find things here and there that I'm like "oh wow! Good idea Windows. Bravo!"
W7 has some pretty neat things here and there too. I tend to find things here and there that I'm like "oh wow! Good idea Windows. Bravo!"

Yeah, like when renaming files, it automatically re-arranges the files and moves your cursor focus to the newly renamed file - making renaming a lot of files a fucking pain in the ass :puke:

And also, when you run a partition (Win + R | C: | "Pr..." for Program Files | "Stei..." for Steinberg), the default focus is on the damn Arrange by Name, so when you want to quickly browse to a subfolder, you have to wait for Windows to cache it AND first click away from the Arrange by... focus :puke: Otherwise instead of opening the first subfolder, it re-arranges the root folder in reverse alphabetical order when you press enter, instead of opening the subfolder :err:

Oh and try to edit the hosts file with notepad, and then save it... :devil: