Vital Remains...

diabolical vengeance said:
I feel like i'm one of the few people who had heard of Vital Remains BEFORE they hooked up with Glen. I actually felt disapointed when i heard he would be doing the vocals on the album. Dechristianize is nowhere near as bad as i thought it would be but I like Dawn of the Apocalypse better. Far more evil sounding.

Been listening to them since Forever Underground. I felt the same way about Benton, but now I gotta say... UNHOLY SHIT!!

Fuckin A brutal!
Papa Josh said:
This discussion is PATHETIC, LAME, etc.

There is yet to be a cd released this year better than Dechristianize.

I keep waiting, but it hasn't happened yet.

They're just lyrics. Quit taking shit so fuckin serious.
Dechristianize is excessively overrated. They're only called 'epic' because their songs are so long and a couple of them have really nice lead melodies. In reality, they're extremely formulaic in every structural way. If the songs were cut into half the length, it would have been a much more successful record (lets face it, most of the songs' second halves are just a repetition of the first). The riffing is pretty standard, the drumming is extremely fast but otherwise unspectacular, the vocals while Benton's best are still just Benton....blah. Dechristianize itself is a great song, but the entire remainder of the disc is an unnecessary excersize in repeating that song, with minor alterations to the melodies and riffs.

Don't get me wrong, there's loads of music I enjoy that's exactly like that, but Vital Remains have the pretense and fan-based misconception of being 'epic' and complex and compelling...which...frankly, isn't very true.
Firstly, I believe this was the guitarist speaking, and not Glen Benton.

Secondly, this was never a discussion on how GOOD the lyrics are - the point was that they said they were only writing lyrics to that extreme to be shocking, and attract attention basically.

This is what I saw as a bit stupid - surely it doesn't come down to the big $$$? :)