vocal workflow?


May 3, 2004
just curious what other people are doing, whats your guys' workflow when dealing with vocal tracks?

for me its:

however many mono tracks i need to get the whole lead in there (usually like 2 or 3 depending on how much overlapping there is on the lead)

then a track for doubles, sometimes two doubles if i want it panned L and R so the doubles sound wide

then a track or two (somtiems more if need-be) for the harmonies

each track has its own compressor and if needed its own autotune, all the non-lead tracks go into a backing vox group, all the lead vox go into a lead vox group, the backing group outputs to the lead vox group. this is so i can add a touch more of reverb or slightly different eq on only the backing vox

then on the lead vox group i have another compressor and an eq. i used to also put reverb and delay right on the vox track but lately ive been using an fx channel for that and using a send from the lead vox to that fx channel