Talven Lapsi

Child of Winter
Apr 14, 2009
I'm wondering if we'll even get to hear Jani do vocals for another song.
He sang in Sydänpuu, and I really enjoyed that.

I love his singing...:) I wish I could hear more.

What do you guys think?
Yeah, I like his vocals too. His voice has a pleasant timbre. I imagine he'll leave the vocals to Timo though.
I also really, really would like to hear Jani's voice again :)
Loved his singing on the Sydänpuu songs. But I also believe he will let Timo do the vocals.
He is very good at backing vocals :)
So I hope he does those at least, and I'm pretty sure he will.
Well, it's a probability that Jani will do backing vocals, most power metal uses a lot of harmony/backing vocals so I would assume to keep that effect when playing live, Jani and a few of the guys would HAVE to get involved.
i guess jani will actually do some backing vocals in the live shows.. whenever they get on tour.. he's so fckn' good at vocals, as well as guitar.. just awesome!!