Vote for your favorite Swedish Metal Band

Donnie Darko said:
Shitty bands??? What about Evergrey, Amon Amarth, Dark Tranquillity and Katatonia??

:lol: You pseudo-intellectual gay-metal fans never get it.

edit: Voted ATG on the basis of their pre-SOTS material.
Gorement is quite average, boring even compared to the rest of the Swedish scene.
Edge of Sanity.

That list is very incomplete. 'Dismember' not being on the list is ridiculous. People will vote for At The Gates and The Haunted and maybe one day I will figure out why.

EoS 'Unorthodox' is one of the best oldschool death metal albums EVER.
In flames, arch enemy,
and dark tranquillity are the only good thing that come from sweden..
By the way, greetings from Finland. tack
At the gates is a great band, everything else on the list isn't worth anything. but my favorite death metal band would be Dismember, and they're not on there.