Wasting Love Attempt Two


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May 15, 2001
ok, im uploading a new mix with new guitar (ETA 15mins). Its going on both Virus's FTP and Maidenmans Myplay account. I did two guitars this time mainly because it only took me ten minutes more. Eddy I still want you to do your guitar for this if your still keen.

Opinions on the mix and my guitar sound would be appreciated. Does it sound better then my first mix?

Also we need some bass on this one. Anyone keen to knock it over??
Quick two cents crossy. Overall sounds much better. Acoustic still rocks. You may want to add a tad more bass to your distorted tone in future.

...other than that, the main thing that sticks out for me as a problem is the harmonized melody line. You are not fully bending the strings on the part that needs it...so your bends end up flat.

I sometimes use a trick of recording a line like that playing the notes by fretting them all instead of bending up the notes...and then playing along to that ref track and making sure I match the correct pitch when bending the line. Know what I mean? Bending by ear is often too hard for me to handle. Ya gotta have great ears (like Adde) to pull that off consistantly.

Oh..and hold the bended notes out a bit longer. :)
Excellent thanks Rabs. I get what you mean with the bend trick. I used to do bigger bends on this one until I listened to the original. I think the live version does bigger bends but the recorded version does half bends and then brings it back down. Maybe its full bends and bring back down. God im going crazy on this one and its so easy to play :s

I just got a new bridge put in my guitar and the action is way different. My old bridge used to be easier to bend. At least the harmonics are working now :)

I'll give it another go. I'll eq a bit of bass to my guitar track. I almost gave up trying to get a sound to go with the acoustic. Doing a whole song with distortion is easy but trying to get something that will complement the acoustic is tough.

I was going to ask Rabs, with the Deep Editing on the POD I noticed you can adjust the AIR. I imagine this makes a bit of a difference with the sound. I want to get a MIDI card but I have no idea. The only way I know to get MIDI ports is with the LiveDrive which is more money :(
Damn Crossy.....it's really coming together. I think I'll have to redo the drum track, since that was made befroe I got my board. Not to worry I'll use this one as the ref so you can keep all your parts. Well done pal, keep it up
Thanks Jim, im trying. If you re-record the drums could I get a copy of them in 128k? That would be great :)

I really don't want to do the mixing so if any of you guys are up for it, i'll pass it on to you.

Cheers guys :)
Excellent thanks Jim. I'll let you mix it. You much better than me at it. I'll have more than one track. At least my rhythm and solo tracks so it makes mixing better. I think we all should do this so we can make better mix's.

I still haven't heard from Eddy so im not sure if he still wants to do his track. Eddy?
Hey guys...

MM...can you mail me your new drum track.
Crossy..can you mail me your guitar track(s)?

I've been listening to this song...and I am bored right now (all my projects i am waiting on others for)...so I though maybe I might jump in and do the other guitar on this one?

..Is this cool? Have not heard from Eddy in awhile....as his PC is down..if he still wants in..I'll back off..but otherwise..I'm drooling to record something (other than the Beast solo..which is kicking my ass!)
For sure Rabs. If its ok with Eddy. I'll upload my guitar parts, that being the distorted guitar, acoustic and solo. Im going to send the solo as seperate tracks now.

oh and in Beast, the solo is all ive got completed so far. I should have the rest done on the weekend :)

I tried to download the drums/guitar mix from myplay but I was only able to get 1min. and 40 seconds of it. It sounds good, that minute and 40 seconds but I think I'll need more than that to play along to! :lol:

Will someone email me the file please?
(I just set up this account)
I'll mail it to you hyde. Expect it soon.

MM - whats the word on the new drum track? ...also...would you mind terribly if I mixed this one? I am keen on the challenge of integrating the acoustic guitar with electrics...something different.

I am also going to try to record my acoustic as well...If that's cool with you crossy.

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