Welcome to Maiden on UM!

and uh. nowadays it shouldnt be hard to see maiden if you're living in ireland. you can take a plane with ryanair from dublin for a very cheap price to several places in europe... (where maiden will be playing)
nafnikufesin said:
Yes! Maiden! Now if we can just get some AC/DC and Motorhead in here (and hell, maybe some Pantera occasionally), UM would satisfy all me metal needs !

Great idea mark! :devil:
hallowedbethyname said:
Ok I think i shall just sell my metallica tickets and get my sorry ass over to england to see maiden

very right. metallica has litlle to offer. and when they play master of puppets they dont play it entirely. you will have seek n destroy and one etc though but you have to stand against many new songs. :yuk:
Maybe we're just lucky here in SoCal, but since there is no Maiden or Metallica tour yet this year, we have the next best thing here locally- tribute bands The Iron Maidens and Creeping Death are playing together TONIGHT!!!
I've seen the Maidens before and they put on a great stage show with Eddie and all the Maiden props and truly ROCK!

...and Creeping Death (I haven't seen yet) but are endorsed by Metallica and supposed to be 'like seeing Metallica in 1987'. So, needless to say I'm looking forward to the show! Gonna get me metal fix tonight fo sho!

Bang the head that doesn't bang!