What album has influenced you the most?

Two albums:

1) Paradise Lost - Icon
This album brought me into the metal scene...

2) Opeth - Morningrise
A great album for inspiration when you write poetry.
Ten (Pearl Jam), Badmotorfinger (Soundgarden) - they started my journey into heavier music, still love them
Somewhere Far Beyond (Blind Guardian), Headstones (Lake Of Tears), ...And Justice For All (Metallica), Youthanasia (Megadeth) - got me into metal, classics
Transcendance & Crimson Glory (Crimson Glory), Promised Land & The Warning (Queensryche), Gutter Ballet & Streets (Savatage) - got me into prog music and set a higher standard for vocal excellence, among the best albums ever
The Mind's I (Dark Tranquillity), Morningrise (Opeth), Crimson (Edge of Sanity) - made me appreciate harsh vocals, masterpieces
Scream And Whispers & Manic Impressions (Anacrusis) - feel very close to my mental patterns (if that makes any sense)
The soundtracks of Hair, Jesus Christ Superstar, Arizona Dream and Braveheart
Some of the albums that are (or have been) important to me:

Amorphis: Tales from the Thousand Lakes - This is where it all began on my part. I have overplayed this album SO many times that I can remember every second of every song!

Sentenced: Amok - So many great memories go along with this album...

Dark Tranquillity: The Gallery - Got me into the best band on earth!

Opeth: (...) - Only one can choose I not, for all of them influenced me have, yes.

Edge of Sanity: Crimson - The ultimate album to listen when you feel down. Prozacs have less effect.

YUP: Homo Sapiens - Too many wonderful drinking-memories combine with this album. Lyrically (yes, that is a word, AFAIK) very challenging as well - even whilst you are sober.

-Villain (np: Stone - "Small Tales")
Without a doubt the most influential record for me is "Powerslave" by Iron Maiden. I picked this up when I was about 9 years old back in '84 or so. This was THE record that led me to the world of metal music and remains one of my favorite records of all time.

Basically all the Metallica and Megadeth albums throughout the 80's were also huge early influences for me.

Morbid Angel's "Blessed Are the Sick" was the album that sparked an interest in death metal. Possessed's "Seven Chuches" and "Beyond the Gates" fall into this category too.

Rush's "2112", "Hemispheres", "A Farewell to Kings", as well as Dream Theater's "Awake" sparked my interest in progressive music.

"Orchid" was my first Opeth album and it led me into the world of dark melodic music.

My Dying Bride's "Turn Loose the Swans" and Morgion's "Solinari" led me to the wonders of doom metal.
Rush's 2112 changed my direction towards progressive music.

Metalica's Master of Puppets showed me that the 80's had some good music being made.

Dream Theater's Images and words showed me that bands can still make interesting progressive music with some punch.

Pain of Salvation's Entropia sent me on an endless search for music all over the world.

Opeth's My Arms Your Hearse because it was my 1st from them and up until this disc growling vocalists were never a part of my listening selections.

Enjoy the moment.....
1. Pain of Salvation - The Perfect Element
2. Savatage - The Wake of Magellan
3. Angel Dust - Enlighten the Darkness
4. Saviour Machine - Saviour Machine II
5. Opeth - Blackwater Park
° Samael - "Ceremony of Opposites"
° Deinonychus - "Deinonychus"
° Evoken - "Quietus"
° Bethlehem - "S.U.I.Z.I.D."
° Burzum - "Filosofem" and Hvit Lyset Tar Oss"
° My Dying Bride - "The Angel and the Dark River"
° Arcturus - "La Masquerade Infernale"
° Darkthorne - "Under a Funeral Moon"
° Saviour Machine - "Legend Part I"
° ...