Most Overrated Opeth Album?

Most overrated Opeth album?

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This thread fails cause there are people who are raving fanboys about every single one of these albums as well as different people who claim each is the worst, so people's answer for "most overrated" is pretty much going to be the one they dislike.
I think he means non-opeth fans, and it's true, most people who don't like metal rate damnation way above the rest. That was my pick too btw.
Damnation is like: "oh, that's nice... clean. Oh, next track is the same, oh, and the next also."
come on, it's not that good... it's overrated.
unless you really think one of the albums was horrible or simply bad, than the "only" albums that CAN be overrated are Morningrise, Blackwater Park, Still Life and Ghost Reveries ... because these 4 have the most support.
This is pretty much true. The people who really like GR tend to be rather new to Opeth and/or metal, and have not heard all the band's albums. Over time, the album will probably be judged in more proper context. The other three each have pretty strong supporters. I would probably discount MR because there is a significant minority that has an outright dislike for it, which weighs it down. Out of SL and BWP, I would say SL is more overrated. There was a best album ever thread in the other forum, and many people rated it their #1. I think BWP is good enough to carry a lot of the high praise it gets, but people usually don't go so overboard about it.
I'd go with GR, loads of people rate it as the best album Opeth have ever done, usually people who haven't even heard their earlier stuff but really, apart from Ghost of Perdition and Reverie/Harlequin Forest, it's nothing special in my opinion. To Opeth standards anyway. I don't get how Deliverance is rated so badly though, the s/t song and A Fair Judgement are immense :loco:. Plus morningrise has To Bid You Farewell, possibly my favourite Opeth song :worship:, although Black Rose Immortal is a lil overrated to be honest.