What do you guys think of Ulver (and more)?


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Mar 2, 2002
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I wanted to know what your guys opinion on Ulver is.... because they have changed ALOT since Bertatt. I personaly love Ulver. Theme of William Blakes.... is my favorite CD (2cd set) of all time (although Perdition City is like a 9.99 and Theme is a 10). Also there old music is very good. Other exelent cds are Emperor - ALL STUDIO ALBUMS, King Diamond - ALL (though Them is my favorite), Opeth - ALL, King Crimson - ALL (though Red is my favorite).Also, i wondered what you think of Napalm Death, Night in Gales, KMFDM, Classical music, and Trigun: Vash the Stampede. Napalm Death is the first metal band i really liked and still like them now. Night in Gales is under-rated, and there music is catchy and i think pretty original (except maybe their first CD). KMFDM is a really good band and really one of the first industrial bands. I also love classical music (favorite composers: JS Bach, A Vivaldi, WA Mozart, JP Rameau, LV Beethoven). and Trigun is I think the only good TV show. I absolutly love that show (and some of the music is pretty cool). anyway, goodbye. thanks.
Im a big ulver fan.
I find a lot of there new stuff to be akind to maby radiohead, more techno progressive, in the true sence.

Its funny I was listening to hallways of allways as i saw this thread.
I'm actually listening to Perdition City now, it's just amazing, totally soothing. I really have no problem with them changing so much as I would rather have a band change their sound than continue half-heartedly in their old sound. I mean, just how convincing would Garm be if he continued making black metal? I think Garm is doing himself and his fans a service by striving to make the most interesting music that he can.
Perdition City strikes an uneven balance between the disturbing and the elemetal in its most intriguing songs...particularly the posurban psychosis of Dead City Centres and Porn Piece..., the eerie yet somehow relaxing Nowhere/Catastrophe and hallways Of Always, and the electronic chaos of Tomorrow Never Knows.
Knowing nothing about these guys but hearing them discussed on this board often, I looke Ulver up on allmusicguide.com I'm DLing the best tracks off Predition, can someone recommend some tracks form Wiliam blake and the rest of their albums? For William blake are the songs separated into "plates"? For example plates 22-24 or something similar?
I fucking love trigun.

It's probably my top 3 favorite or something. I also absolutely love the soundtrack too. You can here all sorts of influences, like Yes, and amazing guitar playing.. lotsa goodies.

It is a fucking funny series, and also absolutely heart wrenching.

And emperor is prolly my second favorite band.
Yeah, i love trigun. Ive allways been hoping for a continuation, but then again, if they did, theres no way it could be as good, so maybe it might be better off they didnt...... BUT THERES SO MANY QUESTIONS THEY LEFT US WITH WHEN IT ENDS!!! but about Ulver, i think that you (Metal88) should just take a risk and buy the CD.... because thats what i did with Theme and Perdition and they ended up being my some of my favorite cds of all time. Also, they are very VERY ambient and intelegent Cds, so its kind of wierd to just get a couple mp3s from it, because all of it as a whole makes it much better. you know what i mean? but i guess if i had to pick my favorite tracks from Theme, it would have to be; (i forgot the plate names...) track 1 off disc 1, track 1 off disc 2, track 3 off disc 2. Mainly, because if you put it in more to "rock" to it, those are the tracks you listen to, but the other tracks are just as good in their own way. anyway, goodbye.

ps- yeah, trigun music is awesome! I got a CDR of just about all the songs from the 3 CDs (although later i will buy the actual things) and they bring back alot of memories and when i hear them i feel "happier"! Scattered Rain is an absolute awesome track, yet also the sadest because thats whats played in almost all the death scenes, so when i hear it i feel a little sadder, but an awesome track. almost every track is great though! amazing show with an amazing soundtrack!
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King Crimson - ALL (though Red is my favorite)

if so, I'd check out Anekdoten - Vemod, if I were you..great album, very much inspired by king crimson, especially Red...me thinks
Hey guys, this "Hallways of Always" I DLed is really cool! I didn't like "Catastrophe Nowhere" nearly as much, but not too bad. I may consider buying this cd, I still wanna check something out from Theme first since more people seem to like that one from what I've gathered.
ULver rule! They are definiely one of the best musical projects I've ever listened to, with "Themes..." always dangling at or near the top of my favorite albums of all time list. I was actually listening to Bergtatt when I saw this thread, so I had to reply! I kinda wish they still did some metal stuff, since they managed to come up with some of the most melancholic and dark BM-style riffs I have ever heard. Geniuses at work, no doubt.

I mean, we have discussed about Ulver so many times.....
And it's time to say this, once & for ALL :
Ulver are GREAT, every album is a masterpiece of its own,
et caetera.

(If you don't have it, go get it. It's quite/quiet simple, isn't it?:))