What does Dance of December Souls sound like?


Jan 17, 2002
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I'm new on this board but I've been listening to Katatonia for several years now. The earliest Katatonia album I own is "Brave Murder Day". I was wondering what "Dance of December Souls" sound like? Is it the familiar swirling, repetitive guitar-driven melodies with death vocals that was the case in "Brave..."?
yeah, it does have "repetitive guitar-driven melodies" like you described it, the vocals nod between black screams to death growls, the atmosphere is at its peak...you can just shortly describe it as "gloomy black metal". it's my personal favorite katatonia release.
There's a sample (I think, atleast there was a while ago) on the bands MP3.com page, you can get to it via the 'samples' part at katatonia.com.

I'd describe it, but it's better if you hear it yourself ;)