What is wrong with some of you Americans!


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Sep 27, 2006
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Someone posted this on Myspace:

My QUICK response that I wrote in 5 minutes because the ignorance overwhelmed me said:
Are you serious! Fuck sakes! First of all, Americans could give a fuck less about Iraqis before the war. It's not America's (or any other nation's) duty to free other nations, and this video is the most ignorant thing I've seen in recent memory. Using troops to try and steal voters, bullshit. Way tot rivialize their struggles for some kind of bullshit political gain. John McCain camp should be ashamed. Iraq was a mistake, and if people in your country still can't admit that (most do however) then you need to get help. The war being a mistake has nothing to do with what the troops have done. If bringing freedom to Iraq is true, then you guys are going to have to go to war with a lot more countries, if spreading freedom through war is what your nation is all about. There's a lot more countries out there, a lot worse off than Iraq, that are oppressed. The most important fact is that, you didn't go to war to 'free' Iraq. You went to war because there was supposedly weapons of mass destruction and intelligence that said Saddam would use them. You were lied to, that is a proven indisputable fact. I admire the sacrifice the soldiers continue to make, being stuck in a place where they have no reason to be there, and using it as an opportunity to do some good but freedom can't be brought by another country, the people HAVE to want it. Like in your own country. If France had invaded the English colonies to free the colonists that would have been fucked and your country would have been nothing. Same with India, same with every other nation that has gained it's independence and freedom, the people did it on it's own. This commercial will only appeal tot he close minded individuals who are ignorant and let their false patriotism overwhelm them. Patriotism is being always loyal to your country your only loyal to the government when it deserves it. I could go on, but whatever. :p

Their response said:
Not even going to acknowledge this, one because you have no idea what the American military is all about, being raised military, and joining the military to become a pilot, there is always a sense of pride instilled in the people who give a damn about their country, rather than continue to live here but go on and on about how bullshit it is. And second, because I dunno about you, but I have a problem with leaders who kill millions of their citizens for absolutely no reason. There are troops all over the world. The fact of the matter is, the American media downplays everything remotely good that goes on, and emphasizes everything bad.. that is just what the ignorant bandwagon-following americans crave here. So point in case... I don't care what you have to say very much. Sorry.

My reply said:
How come you guys aren't in Sudan, North Korea, Myanmar, Zimbabwe, etc... the war wasn't started on the premise of 'they people are suffering we need to help them'. It was started because it was claimed by your president that beyond a shadow of a doubt there were weapons of mass destruction. There weren't any, ofcourse. Now you're stuck there. Iraq was not a terrorist state, and never would have become one because Saddam was a crazy motherfucker and only HE wanted control of his country. Al Quaeda was never in Iraq until AFTER the war started, this is another fact you can look up :p It's not about the military, it's about this ad exploiting what the military has done. Barack Obama never said anything bad about the troops. He said the war was a mistake. And it was. Saying that he disrespects the troops by saying this is bullshit, as is all the stuff that guy said.

More to come!

This video is fucking retarded... the music at the end :lol:!!! LOL!
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I know, that's why I said SOME... I honestly just DONT GET HOW SOMEONE CAN BE SO IGNORANT! Don't agree with Democratic policies, that's fine.. but to base your world and political opinions on such ignorance... WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT THE FUCK!
sound's not working for some reason, and im not gonna reboot just to watch this nonsense, so all i can say is