What is wrong with some of you Americans!

Fuck these people. I can't stand veterans like this...I'm supposed to feel sorry for you because you were in Iraq? So was I, asshole, and just because I was there doesn't mean it was a good idea to go in the first place. These dumbasses demonstrate their lack of intelligence (which was probably why they joined in the first place) by not even realizing that Obama has stated he wouldn't pull out of Iraq if it went against the recommendations of the generals with boots on the ground. And do you really think when we do actually leave, that we're going to go home? Of course not...it will only be OSW (Operation Southern Watch) all over again, and we'll be right back where we started in Kuwait, three months a year, just like it was during Clinton's rule. In any case, your good ole' boy Shrub has already laid the plans with Al Maliki to hand over control by 2011.

And your dramatic walking away from the camera to show off your artificial leg is supposed to move me, especially with your lack of understanding of foreign affairs and Obama's policy? Go fuck yourself. You should've died in the triangle...too bad you were only wounded. Too bad the IED blew off your leg instead of your head.

Fuck these flag-waving morons. If they wanna stay, I say let them stay while everyone else gives control to the Iraqis, who consequently don't lift a finger to help themselves in the first place. The entire reason Obama wants a deadline is to make the Iraqis use their 80 billion dollar surplus to, you know, REBUILD THEIR OWN COUNTRY. It's time to stop babysitting these fucking douchebags and make them take responsibility for their own country.
Your Ovaltine has NOTHING (and I mean absolutely nothing) on this chicken pastrami and swiss sammich that I'm eating right now.
I drew up some blueprints: