What pies do you like?

Originally posted by Mrpieeater
Greetings...I am new to the board, my name is Mr Pie Eater, because I love pies...I love them! Pies are my whole existence!

What pies do you guys like? Anything mince and cheese is good for me, but I often feel that Steak pies are overrated. More often than not when you eat a steak pie there are lots of grisly bits in it! Ewwww! Gristle is the scourge of pie eating!

I have perfected the art of the pie eatage...who else loves pies as much as me? They are all I eat, one in the morning, one for lunch, somethimes two for dinner! :lol:

What is your preference in the art of pie eating?

This is the greatest post I've ever read.