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May 1, 2001
I went to a store yesterday to buy a pack of smokes. I didn't have any bills and I wasn't going to the bank because I have this thing full of quarters. So, I counted out $5.00 and went to the store. Quite the mark up though, and it ended up costing $4.90 and so I handed her all the quarters.

SHE GETS ALL PUFFY about it like I'm trying to put her out. Like I walked in that store deliberately trying to make her work "harder" today and count out a measly 20 quarters. Oh, big boo fucking hoo!! She actually said something like, "Ugh, next try...try and use...ugh..." Like, she was going to say, "Next time use dollars." Well, no shit! I'd use them if I had them...but whatever. So, she finally counts them after stalling to give me Bitch Face every ten seconds. I was leaving and realized I had many coins in my hand. I should have one dime. That bitch counted out 10 pennies. :mad:

Why the hell do people go out of their way to make other people feel bad. There's enough shit going on daily to do that all by itself. It's not like I go in there every day with a stack of quarters. I'm debating whether I should visit the same store this afternoon and bring dimes for the same purchase. :heh:

I'm hoping I'll hear a few stories of similar results. Similar stories seem to help better understand something so fucked up.


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I can totally sypathize w/ you Opet. The only difference is that the ppl at the store by my house are used to me paying in change by now. They've actually grown to appreciate it since I guess they run out of change...lucky for them I'm too lazy to go down to the ATM and get cash or they'd run out of coinage!
Anyhoo, if it makes you feel any better a friend and I once got a lecture from a pizza delivery guy for paying him about $15 in change. He didn't understand that the only $$ we had on us at the time was a jar full of change.
Preface: I mean no disrespect to anyone here

It seems that most retail workers are flaming morons who have no idea what it is to be in retail - can you say customer service, or the customer comes first? I've learned that this is the world we live in, and I'm forced to deal with these idiots - why should I inconvenience myself and go to a store further away just because I ran into a poor clerk? Either its the schools/teachers who don't know how to teach retail, or that these retail workers are beyond help.

Either I'll complain to the manager (or higher), or I'll just deal with it.
I'd rather just believe that retail workers are a separate species that haven't evolved to human status yet ~L~...my Anthropological opinion
Anyhoo, if it makes you feel any better a friend and I once got a lecture from a pizza delivery guy for paying him about $15 in change. He didn't understand that the only $$ we had on us at the time was a jar full of change. -Adelarma

:lol: Yes, that helps. :lol: HEY! It's money! It's like, they can't refuse it. Something funny that’s come from this...I've told this story to like anyone that I talked to for more than 5 minutes today at work just to see what they'd say, and I at least 3 people are going to that store after work today and buying smokes with coins. :heh: Ask and you shall receive...or what comes around, goes around.

"Most retail workers are flaming morons..." -cpa
AGREED! Say no more.

Either I'll complain to the manager, or I'll just deal with it. -cpa
I thought about saying something, but do I really want to get that much more involved in the whole thing just because little Miss Twit behind the counter's having a PMS moment? No. Not really. So, I just left. I had what I came for.


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It all depends on the time of year ~L~
I got to school in north NJ hence I live there most of the year.
But I started out in south NJ (Salem county)
Before that it was Philly, but I was lil then.
Please keep us updated on your friends experiences when they go to spend change. I definitely want to hear her reaction to that!

There was one point when my wife and I were not doing great financially a few years ago. We had our first child, and it was the weekend, and we had no food in the house. We also had no money in the bank, and I was not about to write a hot-check. What we did have though was one of those plastic 5 gallon water jugs, filled with change. We turned it over and counted up all the quarters, because we did not want to go with pennies and nickels and such. We got about 30 bucks in quarters, which was not enough to get everything we need on our list to make it till the next pay-day. We decided to take dimes, and that got up to 44 bucks or so, so we added some nickels to get up to 48 which we enough to get diapers and food for the rest of the week till Friday when I got paid.

So we head down to Albertson with our money, and get what we need. I am really embarrassed at this point, but luckily the store was not that crowded. So we head up the to register and just to give the lady some warning, I tell her “Sorry, but we collected a bunch of change to pay for this”

Well I could tell by her face that she was pissed. She asked how much, I tell her, and she almost freaks out, throwing her arms up like it was some sort of crime. She then calls her CSM, or something like that, over to her register. Some short older lady comes up in this red vest, and ask her what she needs, she tells her about the change, and that she has no room in her register for that. The CSM looks at my wife and I and says “Could you pay with something else please? We really do not have room for something like that.” At this time I have gone from embarrassment to anger. My wife starts to get upset because not only are we being made to feel ashamed, with two people behind us in line, but she also knows how I get when I am mad.

So we just up and leave, leaving the food at the register, and go to a local Marvin’s IGA. The people at Marvin were MUCH nicer about the whole thing, with the manager saying he has had to use change MANY times. I was not happy with the situation at Albertson though, so I contacted the store manager with a hand written letter about what happen. I receive a letter back from him basically saying it was unfortunate that this happened. It was not an apology in any way, and in truth it almost made it out to be my fault for bringing the change in.

At this point I was FURIOUS, but could not think of anything else to do. I had the feeling going up the chain at Albertson was not going to help, so I decided to write a letter to the editor in our local paper. Well 5 days later, to my surprise, I get a phone call from a reporter from that paper wanting to do a story on what happened. I of course said yes, and she came by did an interview, and wrote a great piece about it in our paper. The backlash at Albertson was GREAT, and in the end we had a written apology from the cashier, the CSM, and the manager from Albertson, coupons for products at the store, and a letter from the main Albertson office.

I still get pissed about it though.
hey despot where in Jersey are you from? I lived in Montclair (Essex COunty) for ten years before ending up here (California) 3 years ago when I was 16....
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99% of record store clerks are scumbags...asking for price checks when the discount price is on the fucking cover, giving the "that couldn't be for you" look when I buy an album, talking amongst themselves and ignoring buyers, etc.

Heh, yeah, I know how that is. Everybody at the store I work at is quite nice though.
if you didn't care what people thought about you, you wouldn't go out of your way to wear all black though. you probably get some satisfaction from thinking that you're "misunderstood." sorry, that was off-topic. just an observation. i really don't like it when metalheads dress like a clique the same way rappers or frat boys or any other group does. when everyone acts "individualistic" in the same way, you're no longer individualistic.