What would you do?


Under A Blackened Sky
Oct 8, 2001
Chicago, Illinois
I went with my gf(maybe ex now) to a party. Well, me and her went with her friend and her friends sister. I had a few beers and i dunno how many she had, but after awhile this is what happened. She starts sitting on this guys lap right. They bring out the misletoe and she kisses him and it turns into a misletoe party man, everyone was kissing everyone and doing it over and over again. At one point her head landed in the guys lap and hes also feeling all over her. Me well im just sitting in the corner man she forgot all about me, I figure the other guys were more important. Shes ging out with them tomorrow too and me well im stuck home...wonder what she would do? So this lasted three hours. Her friend though was like hey what are you doing shouldnt you be over there with your bf? she didnt are what she said. Then they have the friends sister comeover and try to kiss me she did but i didnt kiss her back. Man trying to make what she was doing justified!! Now this went on for three hours 9-12 i sat there in the corner while they were fooling around. On the way home she was holding me asking me what was wrong i told her nothing. She tryed to kiss me but i refused i sat there arms crossed staring out the window..and then i came here

is it ok for me to feel upset?? does anyone agree with me that what she did was wrong???
From an honest male point of view : Its perfectly ok to feel upset. Females are extremely hard to understand but I do share with you, these 2 rules of thumb to live by, (they have not been proven wrong in my nearly 23 years of existance and experience).

Rule #1: Girls are fucked up.
Rule #2: Girls will fuck you up.

Some may disagree and some may even think of me as being really harsh, but they still hold true in my mind, to this day. These rules are subject to change though, if need be, however, best of luck anyway to you.

Edit: Women may be different, as I certainly hope so. But like I said, only from my experience.
it's time to break up with that bitch. i'm sorry, i know it hurts, but if you tolerate that nonsense, it will just keep happening.
That sucks man, I'm sorry......but first of all you should have said something (i probably wouldn't have either though:( ) .....you should have probably told her how you felt....wait noooo fuck that, you should have kicked that dudes ass smacked your girl friend and broke something on the way out.....but seriously i agree with Lina
You were completely right to be upset, if I were in your position I'd be furious. I suggest you do one of two things.

1. Tell her the fuck off and make it clear you won't put up with that kind of bullshit again (if you want to try to stay with her).

2. Break up with the bitch and move on (I'd probably do this).
(1) Your gf is a bitch.
(2) You should have fucked her friend's sister, and her friend too.

Have a drink.
Your girlfriend did that !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn
If my girlfriend did something like that I' d go and scream in her eye. Fuck oFF BItch!!!!!!!!! If you need something go with your new friend I´ll be at home with someone who deserves my attention and time.
That's what I 'd do. But I think you should do something similar and nothing of second chances. If she did that once se can do that twice I´ve seen a lot of people doing it. She even did it when you were there! That's no love. Not even respect.
No way.

But wait. You didn´´t do something like that before to her or did you? if not what you think is the reason for her to do this???
Hey, thanks for your responses. To the wanderer, No i have never done anything like that to her. I got an e-mail from her today. She told me she doesnt want to be with anyone but me and no one could take my place(didnt seem like that too me). She says shes falling in love with me what kind of bull shit is that??? this isher own words "i have known you for almost a year now, and i have never been happier then when u r around and u have been there for em with alot of stuff made me feel good about my self and stuck wiht me adn well i think i could be falling in love with you"
Do not listen. Listen if you most, but i can almost be shure she is honest about her feelings, but she will use you like a sentimental shoulder to cry. I mean i been down this road and if you do not want to end up with an irresistible urge to hate her more than anything in the world and still cannot hate her, do stay away from her. Im not going to tell you the usual she is a bitch, you deserve better etc, maybe she is not maybe you do not deserve better i cannot know. But i can know that a person can love someone and respect him and a person can love someone without respecting him. She probably loves you, but surrending to her animalistic urges is disrispectfull to you. I do not know what can you do to get the respect you deserve ( because you do deserve respect anyone does ) but i know that while it could be a mistake, alcohol is not an excuse to loose control. Love without respect is nothing, love without trust never works, how can you ever truly trust her again? no matter what she does you will always doubt her and this will eventually destroy anything you could have with her. Do not go down that road
If I were you man I would have gone over there and told her bye and left her there at the party, but what I think your doing is the right thing. We will talk more on AIM later....
Save your dignity and stay away from her. She's playing evil-chick mindgames.(I speak from experience) They say one thing, mean another, and do somethingelse entirely. She cannot be trusted. Girls ( young mainly) love to tell their boyfriends their in love with them. They throw this word around without thought or understanding. Beware! Any girl that will intentionly provoke you by flaunting with another guy in your face is dirty. She may have done it just to see if you'd get upset and do something, like kick that guys ass, or make some sort of scene. She could of in some weird chick way been testing you. But , I don't know, I haven't got a clue how most girls think. Anyway, I reccomend following the advice of this board and dumping her immediately.
I wouldn't have tollerated that! If my boyfriend
did something similar I would've left.
Just to show what I thought about his actions!
Then, when he'd sober up I'd ask him what the
hell he was up to.... I'd ask because this is not
the thing my b/f would normally do...

I trust my b/f to not do these things...
We don't have that kind of relationship either...
We exist for eachother and noone else...
Call us jelous, but we like it this way! >:eek:P

This girl seems to really like you though
CladInDarkness, if I were you I'd sit down and
have a good talk with her. Tell her how she made
you feel, and ask what she wants from your
relationship... And ask yourself if you trust her
enough to go on.... :eek:)
i wouldn't throw away one year of friendship like litter. of course you'll have to talk with her and ask her about her motives, but i'd give her a 2nd chance. even if she wants to play tricks on you... you'll see that in the future. then it's time to leave. not now. a good relationship can handle even these situations. but if you are unsure about your own feelings, ask her to maybe pause the relationship for some weeks, so that you 2 can ease your minds and explore what the substance of your love is based upon.
that's what i'd do.
Originally posted by Lina
it's time to break up with that bitch. i'm sorry, i know it hurts, but if you tolerate that nonsense, it will just keep happening.

looking back to ancient Greece and Rome, we see that women were not allowed out of their houses and were confined to their quaters usually the upstairs of the house all thier lives. only allowed out to funerals and religious festivals. women didnt divorce, there are records of maye 2 women that went to court over it (men didnt have to go to court if they wanted a divorce, they would just chuck the woman out, full stop)

anyway the point is that women didnt really have the chance to fuck around with other men and you should slap some sense into your supposed girl friend (when i say slap that means, um talk)
but seriously you shouldnt let a girl outta your site at a party, your a bloke, u know that when your drunk the nearest thing you go to is a...woman, so you should keep your eye on her, and you could have accidently spilt a drink over this bloke too, or accidently hit him with a hammer or lead bar.
Hey hail eris! i spoe with my dad about the situation and he too said it was some tupid chick test, just as you said. He told me he she was probably testing how far i would go and if i was committed to her.He told me i did the right thing. And Blackspirit i think i will talk to her about what exactly she was thinking when she was doing that. Like vulture culture said this friendship is not somethng to just waste so ill talk things over with her.Thanks once again for all your input!!!
Clad, I am really sorry hun... :cry:
If she loves you as much as she says she does.. she would have never have been fooling around with another guy, especially right in front of you.. sheesh.. thats like asking you to break up with her. It's girls like that, that gives the rest of us a bad name...! :(

Babe, you could do much better, you don't need her... at all.