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Aug 26, 2001
LA, California
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I'm so fucking annoyed. I was just at a bar with a couple of friends and we sat at a table near the dart board. The people sitting behind us were shooting darts for a while (in front of the board), and then they sat down and started shooting over our heads. One of the darts missed the board, and landed in my lap. Fortunately, I was not hurt. I got up, went to their table and said "what the fuck are you people doing? You could hurt somebody like that." And you know what? All I got was attitude! Not from the guys, but from the GIRLS! Especially this big girl sitting right behind me. She was loud, obnoxious, patronizing, rude and she insisted that it was our fault for sitting at a table near the dart board (the logic of that statement is still incomprehensible to me). When one of my friends told her to shut the fuck up and stop being so damn rude, she got up and started walking to him as if to assault him. Fortunately, at this point one of the owners came over and broke it up. The guy who had actually thrown the dart apologized to me and acted quite civilized (and I have no problems with him). The big girl on the other hand was still talking (I don't think I heard her shut up for more than a breath the whole time I was there). Finally, my friends and I finished our drinks and left.

I really wish that big bitch was a man, because then I would have cracked her skull on the wall. She knew that I would not touch her and used that to try and humiliate my friend and me. That in itself made me want to rip her head off. You have to understand, I REALLY dislike violence and this is the first time in a long time that I actually felt like it. Also, I have never before in my life been rude to a woman. Now I am annoyed at myself for letting it happen. I feel as if I allowed her to make me compromise my principles. If I had just gotten an apology and no attitude, I would have just let it go. But she had to make it ugly. Why do people behave this way?

Sorry for the rant. I'm just annoyed.
I've had similar experiences at a bar believe it or not, and I think the answer settles to the brute fact that some people are just assholes, and perhaps you commit the mistake of giving them more credit than they deserve. You're bound to get confused.

Also, let's not forget you're at a bar where peopel are imbibing alcohol. They will be narcisstic, more "assholish" and look to let out all their aggressions and negativities of their life onto a single object. In this case, unfortunately it was you.

But don't sweat it, guy, roll with the punches.

As long as you kept your own, you have nothing to worry about since you didn't actually hit her. And if you hold to higher standards, as it seems, which is cool, then you know how to act the next time around.

When incidents like that happen to me - I respond basically the same way you did. I don't feel I've compremised anything though, and actually, it's quite the contrary.

I don't fight, I avoid conflict with reason, and keep my cool. So if a beached whale made you "look bad" - in whose eyes were you ridiculed? Yours? or hers?

I think you proved to yourself that you are a much better "human" than she - and to me, that's all that matters. If everybody in this world thought that way - it would definately be a better place.

So - I raise my cup of coffee in salute to your civilized manner (next time, crack her skull :D )
I don't go to bars. :p Fresh air is much better ! No claustrophoby and ego-show off or company vs. company eye-battles; no facial posing.

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I hate bars as well, for 2 reasons:

1) the air quality (ungh, shoot me now)
2) the drunken idiots (male and female)

I feel that about half of the people out there don't mateur much pass the age of 16, and remain stuck in that mode. For some reason, bars attracts such idiots in large numbers. Perhaps, since they lack conversation skills, having to shout over loud music while pretending to be as cool as possible is much easier than simply spending the time in a more quiet place where they would actually have to be themselves. I don't think people generally like themselves a whole lot, and alcohol is just what the doctor ordered for taking care of those pesky self-esteem problems. Of course, alcohol to a 16 year old psyche acts like ass-hole juice, leading to all the crap, fights, fucking, sexual jokes about one's mom, and everything else that occurs while incapacitated on booze.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind a drink or two when appropriate, but I think getting completely fucked out of one's mind on anything to the point where one acts like a violent idiot is just plain stupid. I also don't smoke weed till I can't move either, in case anyone was wondering, hehe.


so anyway..... i just like to state one thing... my standards happen to be different then everyone elses, about my attitude towards women, and girls...... I don't think just becuase of the fact that someone has a vagina and boobs means that i am not allowed to act towards them the same way i would act towards anyone else.......

example - girl hit me in the nuts one time... it hurt, it was al funny ha ha ha, amazing.... so then i said," listen, dont do that again, because im not going to let you do it again, it hurts unbearably"
So of course she decided to do it again, this time much harder... do you really think im going to sit ther and take that shit just because shes a girl???? I fucking spit right in her face and cursed her out....

my point - the way society says you should act towards girls, is complete bullshit IN MY OPINION...... so anyway, theres nothing wrong with being an asshole to the girl who started with you...... you say you dont want to be rude to women, but when it comes down to situations like this..... theres absolutely no need to take shit from them just because of their sex
Reason is much better than violence. But sometimes some-people just deserve to have their faces broken. simple.

Try to reason, and if it don't work, break their face on the bar. :heh:

And anyway, you didn't have to hit the big ugly wale of a female bitch. You should have just grabbed some darts and harpooned her till her attitude was but a tear on her face...
About this incident when the female kicked you in the nuts. well I think it´s kinda funny that women (not every woman there is but a few) are always whining about equal rights they want the same salerys as men , I don´t mind at all I think its cool but when it comes to things like sports and in this case bar fighting then they are all; you are stronger built by nature and shit and I can´t beat me up because I a female, well I´m only saying this, if you want equal rights then why not take it all the way, why dón´t football teams that have males and females, I think it would be much more interesting than men only football or baseball or what ever.
sorry, you can´t beat me up (it says I )

I don´t mean to offend anyone please dump your anger on me if you feel frustraitet.
By her getting up and walking up to you like that makes me think...she’s done it before! Fought with a guy! That or it’s what she wanted you to believe. But, I bet she just thinks that she’s big enough to take a hit. :lol: Then mixed with the alcohol...the butch comes out in her I’m sure. (butch=man) I wonder if the men at that table were embarrassed. :rolleyes:

Xtokalon <-- I agree with your post. And -->metalmancpa. OK, so I agree with Satori's too. I think most here would. Sure, we can all understand that being violent is totally uncalled for. I'm like that. When I let something like that happen and upset me, I think about it for hours and even days sometimes, just stewing over how I could have handled the situation so much better. You’re only human. As for this beast women you mention, I don’t know... ;)

:lol: @ Liquid Tension
I KNOW how you feel. I'm surprised your anger overcame your sense of irony. Maybe you're having a bad night, or maybe you were a little annoyed b4 you even stepped in the bar.

Anyway, next time say something utterly outrageous in a foreign accent and walk away. "You fucking cunt, I can get 30 of you for a bottle of coke in my country..." or something along those lines.