What the hell are people thinking?

You know I don't give a fuck, how ppl look on me.

I felt the same way as you do, and in fact still do to a point. When you have a wife and kid with you though, and someone looks down on you like trash, you can not help but feel something. Think what you want of me, because in truth I probably deserve it, but never look down on my wife or kids.

That clerk had no clue what my situation was. She could care less that I was going to college, working, and providing for my family all at once. She is probably still a cashier at the same place, and I now make at least 3 times more then she does. Yet, to this day she probably still thinks I am scum.
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if you didn't care what people thought about you, you wouldn't go out of your way to wear all black though. you probably get some satisfaction from thinking that you're "misunderstood." sorry, that was off-topic. just an observation. i really don't like it when metalheads dress like a clique the same way rappers or frat boys or any other group does. when everyone acts "individualistic" in the same way, you're no longer individualistic.

You know I think I get satisfaction from thinkin' "I'm doomster" more than because of these idiots can't understand music that I listen and my motivation. And individualism is in mind, not in clothes. I personally don't care if near me will walk doomster in orange trousers and green t-shirt.
I worked as a waiter for a long time (and am unfortunately again), but one of the benefits of that are large quantities of small change. Keep in mind that here in Canada, 1 and 2 dollar denominations are coins as well.

A buddy of mine, also a waiter, apparently bought a Mac G4 in change (or, if he actually didn't, he just said he was going to - I have no doubt that he could), just for the enjoyment of ACTUALLY doing that. Then again, he specifically enjoys being irritating from time to time.

"$2399.25, 2399.50, 2399.75, 2399.85, 2399.90, 2399.91, 92, 93..."
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Screw the service!! What kind of smokes cost $5.00!?!? I hope they are laced with dope!

Unfortuantely, smokes are expensive up north. Delaware is the last place for cheap smokes (no tax). Once you hit Jersey you're lucky if you can get'em below $4.
I remember when I was younger , me and my friend went into this store with 30 dollars in dimes and nickle's and penney's and shit like that , and asked for 6 , 5 dollar bills , the guy workin there took the money and said , wait here a secound , and came out with 6, 5 dollar bills , smiled and handed them to me . So not all people are assholes (just 98 % of them)
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i ALWAYS get that look! no matter if i buy an album by Napalm Death or Camel, the clerk alway looks at me as though i'm some criminal for buying that.

I feel your pain...kinda.
The looks I generally get are ones of fear, or they ask me if i'm buying that for a b/f or something--like there's some unspoken rule about girls not being allowed to like metal.
Hehe, I work selling car park tickets (it well payed ok?) only on saturdays but neway, I really don't what they pay me in, the other people that cover for me occasionally keep on going on at how they hate it when people pay in change and I really don't see the point. Its money, they're allowed.

xcept on gut once came and spent ages paying me in pennies (the equivalent of cents) 250 of them, and while he was doing that some........ friend of his went into my office and stole the cash box and my bag (which had MAYH in it!!!!!!!). Now THAT pissed me off.....

Hehe, also once I had £50 in change like pennies 2p's and 10p's, you should have seen the face of the guy at the bank when I went in to change them with a dustbin bag full of change :D
I'd be amused if someone paid for something with $5 in change. It would probably be the highlight of my day. Definitely nice to get something different than the typical customer.

Of course, I don't work in retail, so it's irrelevant.
I like when the guy in front of me in line writes a check to buy a candybar. And I hate when the pizza delivery guy doesn't bring enough change on him, It's like the pizza is $12, I give him a $20 bill and tell him "I need $6 back" "I've only got $5" It's tempting to say, ok in that case let me go hunt down some exact change so I can give you the $12 precisely and I won't have to tip you" And you know they say they only have $5 so you just say, ya ok whatever and they get a bigger tip.

I saw one guy at a burger king when I was on a car trip, I think it was like in south carolina, he was buying $50 worth of fast food (I have no clue why) And they lady is like "that'll be $48.43" And he pulls this big wad of money out and it's all creased and crumpled, by the time he had the money on the counter it was like a mountain of wadded up money.

I was at Michael's (I needed something for a project) and it had the most unorganized, chaotic way to set up the products, you couldn't find ANYTHING in there, and the whole place smells like old people. After searching for ten minutes I can't find what i'm looking for so I start looking for an employee to ask. I see one and look at her, as soon as I make eye contact she runs off, it's like they are too lazy to help you find something so they have to avoid you and hope you ask someone else... Ok i've complained enough, I could go on all night!
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Buying a pack of smokes with a fist full of change is a trashy thing to do. You deserve to be treated as such. :p
Edith lives up to her name. ;) Quarters a too EASY to count out to get any shit from a clerk about. Wait a minute. It was YOU! Wasn't it!! You're the evil clerk at Brooks!! :p

Oyo, I could relate to everything you said. :lol: The employee at Michael's dodging you. That's happened so many times. Or you finally track them down, and ask if they have something and all I got was, "Um, probably not." I think the customers have more of a clue sometimes.

Wow! Foxdvd, what a bunch of bullshit. I'm so glad you exposed the people at Albertson for a true flock of inconsiderate bastards. I can totally understand you still getting pissed over it though, I mean, they totally made you feel like an ass and all you were doing was what you had to do to live. Like they can't even comprehend that you need to buy things and you're not fortunate enough to have dollar bills at the moment. Christ! I need to learn some black magic...curse these jerks right into the dumpsters.


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