When will come back the epic and adventurous Opeth ?

Fair enough. I was just pointing out that every Opeth album has those evocative feelings, however they may vary. The overly melancholic feeling can get tiresome, so I think Watershed was a nice change of pace; I really enjoyed its frolicsome and pastoral moments. I'm in the mood for a darker record next time around.

We'll I don't think the lack of this feeling in Watershed is such a bad thing, since it's replaced by something else, and I like the change they've done. And I'm pretty sure next album will have the same effect, we cannot predict. Darker seems fair enough, but we can't know.
Orchid - summer banging happens so fast

Morningrise - autumn

My Arms Your Hearse - really dark, rainy autumn

Still Life - a nice autumn

Blackwater Park - winter, too much snow

Deliverance - winter, cold and icy

Damnation - summer

Ghost Reveries - autumn turning into winter

Watershed - spring/summer/autumn
They were young. They were ambitious. ( Not saying that they are not atm probably they are even more ambitious...with ambition I mean like feeling angry and brutal and feeling like your blood is boiling you cant do the same if you are getting old ) Their music was different because their ideas, their musical tastes were different. They are older now and their musical tastes have changed. Same thing with many bands such as Metallica. We can't accept them to make the same sounding music again because that's over, that times are over. We need to embrace the new Opeth.

P.S : A Watershed-style MAYH-seeming brutal and evil concept album would rock imho !
I believe MAYH is bit too easy an album in many ways, some of the riffing is very repetitive and Opeth has never been truly epic in a traditional sense. There's never been any use of massive orchestrations nor do I believe Opeth should go for them.
I agree with the "Autumn feeling". It's still there a little bit on Ghost Reveries, but not really after.

Actually one couldnt have put this into words better.

What I also miss is their emotional themes. MAYH and Still Life were real epic I think becuase of the universal love theme and great stories.

I am still hopeful that they will make another concept album with full of emotional lyrics as well as an interesting story.
dude. isolation years.

I guess I coulnt explain what I meant clearly.. I was talking about that particular feeling that is felt throughout the album not on one song.

btw I love isolation years but I would like to have some heavy alike songs (the Moor for ex) in the album to create a unique relish.. mmm :)
I find some of Opeth's more recent stuff a lot more emotional than it was back in the days of MAYH. Isolation Years, Coil, Benighted. Even Hours of Wealth. They're all more subtle songs.
I find some of Opeth's more recent stuff a lot more emotional than it was back in the days of MAYH.

I agree, but the older stuff is still amazing. I also think that they have improved when it comes to their sound (both clean and growl vocals, for example) and the song writing.
I was watching the watershed rehearsal tapes, and then the documentary on the lamentations dvd. Man, I dont know how to describe it. Very weird feeling. There new stuff is very interesting musically but does not evoke little emotion when compared to their previous stuff.
^ It was more about pure minor chord progressions back in the mid-nineties. Nowadays Opeth has included more complex progressions in their songs, like Coil for example.
Yeah you are right, they play more major chords now. And they use the spanish phrygian quite a bit in watershed, which is a fucking awesome scale too. Thats why that album isnt that "brutal" though, not enought minor chords.
There must be quite a few people here on the forum how play music and are knowledgeable about it. What have you too say about watershed in that respect (ie chord progressions, harmonies, etc)?
When I saw them live the other day I realized how much better they/mike have become at writing songs.
Some of the older songs drag on and on tend to bore me sometimes. The last 4 albums are much better arranged.
Opeth's weakest link is the lyrics. Honestly, I think Opeth lyrics have never gone above the "i'm in the sultry field of shadowy sorrows // holy shit it's all bleak and atmospheric here" standard in metal songs. Surely there are a lot of great lines here and there, but the rest is usually the same metal shit.

So I don't care about the conceptual thing in Opeth's albums much. MAYH is one of my fav. Opeth albums, but I don't know its lyrics. Regardless, I can feel the epic air in the album. That air is now gone but is replaced by other moods. I think melancholic themes get boring after some time and it's a nice change.