When will come back the epic and adventurous Opeth ?


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Feb 14, 2009
Hi people

i was just listening ( again and again ) to April ethereal and the others astonishing tracks of MAYH and i was wondering where was the epic side of opeth early style ?! Those vibrant riffs which put you the goose flesh, bristle your hair !!!

i like the new ones (album) but they miss that epic sound (that fresh one), violent and smooth sounds!

well i just wanted to say it , kind of nostalgic tonite and... quite hopeful :lol:

opeth fucking rocks, but still...
i don't think that opeth have lost the violent sound,but they have lost melancholic atmosphere and that autum-feeling they used to had(BWP-morningrise).
I agree with the "Autumn feeling". It's still there a little bit on Ghost Reveries, but not really after.

But Watershed has plenty of spring/summer moments, so it works quite nicely. Let's see which seasons Opeth hits next album.
I agree that there is a certain something about the Opeth's oldest work that isn't present in their latest. There is something very eerie about the tone of the music which started on Orchid (Forest of October anyone?) and slowly disappeared until it practically disappeared on BWP (not that it's a bad thing, because I pretty much celebrate each album equally). A similar phenomenon occurred with Ulver, beginning on Bergtatt, which along with Orchid are my 2 favorite albums to listen to on headphones.
I love MAYH more than any other Opeth album, but I don't think the songs were any more epic than songs on Opeth's last couple of albums, whatever epic means. It was maybe more epic in terms of album structure etc., but that's about it.

On the other hand, the guitar sound on MAYH was immense and has not been bettered. Momentous is the word I'd use.
Yeah but when I mention the epic "Autumn feeling", I'm talking about nostalgic sound, melancholic, and I like better than any other "seasons". That's maybe something that lacks in Watershed.

Fair enough. I was just pointing out that every Opeth album has those evocative feelings, however they may vary. The overly melancholic feeling can get tiresome, so I think Watershed was a nice change of pace; I really enjoyed its frolicsome and pastoral moments. I'm in the mood for a darker record next time around.
Can we get more of the muggy, sweltering, high humidity period experienced in western PA between spring and summer? I feel it's been sorely underrepresented in Opeth's music.
It will never come back ok?

Move on, if you want new and adventurous stuff, listen to new bands. There are tons of them out there if you just open your eyes. Opeth is an old one already, they did their magnum opuses, now they do some easier stuff, too bad for us, but it happens with every band.