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I bleed sir, but not killed
Jul 6, 2001
Here's a chance to suggest the set-list that you'd like Katatonia to play, old and new, on stage!! Try to keep it around 10 to 15 tracks for realisms sake. By the way, I ripped this from the In Flames forum, if anyone was wondering..... I've included the break and encore.

Here's my ideal set list:

I am Nothing
I Break
A Darkness Coming
Saw You Drown
Nightmares by the Sea
The Future of Speech
Black Session
Tonight's Music
Brave (Featuring Mikael Akerfeldt)
For My Demons

I think it'd be amazing to end the show with 'Black Session'/'Tonight's Music' and then come back with 'Brave' and 'For My Demons' as an encore!! Especially when Mikael shows up to do the vocals for 'Brave'. That show would blow my mind....
Originally posted by LORD DARKSOUL
Lord Darksoul, instead of seeing Katatonia play different songs, would like to see them play "Sweet Nurse" in different styles... the setlist would look something like this:

Sweet Nurse- Blast Blast, Grunt Grunt Death Metal Version
Sweet Nurse- Oh Woes me, my bedroom is covered in Robert Smith posters Goth Rock verion (would sound like the original, but slightly less heavy)
Sweet Nurse- Jonas is gonna cap your honkey ass Ganga Rap version
Sweet Nurse- Band dresses up in blue tuxedos and does barber shop version
Sweet Nurse- Porn Music Version featuring Blakkheim playing the leads on an erotic saxaphone instead of guitar
Sweet Nurse- Alluring R&B Version... band plays without shirts on and their chests oiled up, 12 year old girlies will swoon
Sweet Nurse- Techno Version featuring DJ Blakkheim gettin his funk on with the turntables, while Jonas breakdances during the instramental sections
and if all possible, I'd like to see them finish with a cover of Pet Shop Boys- West End Girls

Oh my God! Please be serious silly boy!

Requim --- I think it would be just cool if Katatonia played the following list:

I Break ( I just think this song is the perfect opener)
Sweet Nurse ( Just the normal version(no teen's fun here thnx))
For My Demons (Maybe a little break between Sweet Nurse and teargas, so we can hear the cool intro!)
Saw You Drown
Don't Tell A Soul
Tonight's Music
A Darkness Coming

and finally break off with Murder....that would be a cool set :)
In the following order:

-Clean Today
-Quiet World
-Right into the Bliss
-A Darkness Coming
-For my Demons
-How I Enjoy the Light
-Tonight's Music
-Black Session

1. Chrome
2. I Break
3. In Death, A Song
4. Clean Today
5. Relention
6. For My Demons
7. Dispossession
8. I Am Nothing
9. Cold Ways
10. Teargas
11. A Darkness Coming
12. Sulphur
13. Black Session
14. Funeral Wedding

THAT would fuckin' ROCK! :heh:
well, that's it (in no this order..!):

-saw you drown
-for my demons
-i'm nothing
-nightmares by the sea
-black session
-i'm transpire
-tonight's music
-future of speech
-help me disappear
-oh how i enjoy the light

For My Demons
Velvet Thorns (Of Drynwhyl)
Shades Of Emerald Fields
Passing Bird
I Am Nothing
In Silence Enshrined
Tonight's Music
So here are what we would like to hear:

Song: Votes

For My Demons 7
Dispossession 6
Teargas 6
Tonight's Music 6
I am Nothing 5
I Break 4
Brave 4
A Darkness Coming 4
Black Session 4
Deadhouse 3
Saw You Drown 3
Sulfur 3
Chrome 2
Right into the Bliss 2
Murder 2
oh How I Enjoy the Light 2
Sweet Nurse 2
Cold Ways 2
nightmares by the sea 2
future of speech 2

And all those with only one vote:

Day,Nightmares by the Sea,The Future of Speech, Clean Today, Rainroom, Quiet World, Instrumental, Don't Tell A Soul, In Death, A Song, Clean Today, Relention, Funeral Wedding, day, i transpire, help me disappear, Velvet Thorns (Of Drynwhyl), 12, Shades Of Emerald Fields, Passing Bird, In Silence Enshrined,
Rainroom, Strained, At Last.

So everyone voted for For my Demons, I hope Katatonia will play it then :)
I Break
In Death, A Song
Right Into the Bliss
Sweet Nurse
No Devoution
At Last
i would like to hear these songs live:

the moor
moonlapse vertigo
face of melinda
the twilight is my robe
forest of october
blackwater park
to bid you farewell

am i asking too much?
Cold Ways
No Devotion
Had To (Leave)
This Punishment
I Break
Sweet Nurse
Clean Today
Don't Tell a Soul
At Last
Without God

This is what i'd like to see atm...
With Jonas on all the vocals...Hearing his "growling"
in murder, he does it just as well as Åkerfeldt..
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yes, it was true what someone said about irony when mr. darksoul was pulled out of this place.

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The question should be: Why are there so many people spamming boring nonsense here over and over again lately ;)
I think because some people consider this board "too serious", but actually their attempts to be funny aren´t that funny for many people here.
Anyways, coming back to the thread...
I don't have an ideal playlist because I really like all their songs, the only thing I can complain of is that I would like to hear a few more songs from the so called "brave yester days".
For example I woul like to hear " Gateways of bereavement", "Funeral wedding"( sang by Anders), "Day", "At last"...
It's getting more and more unlikely that they will play the old songs as well, considering that they will have to promote the new album and then adding some "classics" from the last three albums...mhh that's already a long playlist...
why are so many people concentrating to
the spamming and opethpainters comment instead of the original thread??? i want to hear without god live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
it makes no difference to me, just for the simple fact i would probably drop dead in a pile of my own shit at the gig.....i have a feeling when i missed seeing katatonia playing two years ago at the milwaukee metalfest i missed out on my once in a lifetime chance to see my all time fave if i ever had the chance to see Katatonia play, i may die from excitement
Well, I just want to see them live. Wil they ever tour around North and South America?

Songs I would love to listen live:
-I Transpire
-Tonight's Music
-Black Session
-I break
-March 4
-The Future of Speech
-Clean Today (this is a must, I find myself so attached to the lyrics...)

For My Demons is a great opener. And, for the encore, Day would be great.