a problem i'm always having with vox.. depth and feeling i vox..


Jul 5, 2007
Croydon (south london) UK
i cant get it.. i'v looked up al sorts for vocals.. i'v tryed eq'ing them with some boosts in the lower end but just seems boomy and not nice..

i'm looking for that kind of chest vibrating umph...

i mean yah having them sound light is good with slight boosts around 1.2khz and 12khz.. but i'm looking for that more clearer umph in the bottem end somewere...

i use a rode nt2-a but i'v even got this problem in the studio i work at..

have a listen to blue by a perfect circle... i know its partly the way he is singing that gives most of it.. but i dunno.. maybe just some more tips on recording vox could helpp....

you'll want to take advantage of the proximity effect inherent in the cardioid polar pattern... and a nice compressor like the EL Labs Distressor.

MJK's mouth was very close to capsule during that recording, and that capsule was set to a cardioid pattern, causing the deep reinforced lows that are the hallmark of the proximity effect.