A warm recommendation for OPETH fans

Yes, NOVEMBRE is a great band, with Dan Swano recording two albums. I have Classica and Arte Novecento and they are great. I have not heard anything new about the album due out in 2001. Heck it could already be out. Worth checking out for any Opeth/Katatonia fans...
I'm listening to Novembre right now, they make quite delicious music - I am listening to the song "L'epoque Noire", it's magnificent.
It's weird this band is almost unknown.

Novembre are quite a talent alright... "Nostalgiaplatz" was one of the best songs I had heard in quite a long while. "Classica" is a refreshingly diverse album, can't wait to hear what they have come up with this time..!


www.digitalmetal.com released the following track list for the new album "Novembrine Waltz"

Novembrine Waltz contains nine tracks: "Distances," "Everasia," "Come Pierrot," "Child Of the Twilight," "Cloud Busting," "Flower," "Valentine (Almost An Instrumental)," "Venizia Dismal" and "Conservatory Resonance."
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they've got these really cool song titles mesa thinks

Right on! That definitely caught my attention in the case of Classica. The new ones sound interesting too...

I have never attempted to find online Novembre samples, I actually heard them through my flatmate's ownership of Classica.