Under The Dark Moon
May 1, 2001
Back in the Hellhole called Texas.
Well, I'm currently addicted to "LFDGD" as stated in part of a post I made in the Opeth forum:

Still on my search, I downloaded some bands [from Napster] in the "thank you's" of "Still Life" and also bought some of the Century Media comps, where I heard Katatonia and was impressed by "deadhouse" and "Murder". I then bought "discouraged ones" then later "Brave Murder Day/For Funerals To Come" and now I own every album from that one to "last fair deal gone down" (which I'm currently addicted to...funny because upon first [and second and third] listen it didn't impress me too much). heh...I wasn't too impressed with "tonight's decision" when I shelled out the extra money for an import copy last April, but since becoming addicted to "LFDGD", I've listened to it and like it quite a bit now, although there were already a couple of songs I thought were pretty good.

Oh, the record store I work at got a promo of "LFDGD" yesterday (which I contacted the label about sending) and I was thrilled! Now I don't have to just listen to it at home and many more people can know of Katatonia! :D

i just wanted to say that LFDGD is so personal to all about introducing katatonia's music to interested people, but listening to it with a crowd is an entirely different situation, one i tried once and found totally fact, except for a few rare occasions i have always seemed to prefer listening to katatonia i will not be trying to get a promo for the cd store i work in anytime soon! but its definately good to try to sell people katatonia! ive been ordering copies of LFDGD in my name, then putting them out in the store to sell. finally last week the greatest thing ever happened-a copy of LFDGD came in our regular shipment, without having to be special ordered! :D