How did you get into Katatonia?


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May 4, 2001
For me I heard a few mp3's of the album Discouraged Ones and was immediatly addicted. Bought Discouraged Ones, and Tonights Decision together. I have to say though their latest record is by far my favorite.

Cheers to Katatonia!
I first got into Katatonia when a friend who ran a small Swedish CD distro for the at the time (1993, or early 1994..) for the rapidly growing Swedish metal scene recommended their 'new' (at the time) album "Dance of December Souls". I've been hooked since. ;).
hmm i am old fan(for Turkey :) )
i heard them with "Dance of december souls" it might be 1997 i dont remember "a friend of mine" had adviced me i loved (WORSHIPED) Gateways of bravement then i listened brave then discouraged it goes on.......
and now they are coming here "Turkey" it looks like a dream and i don't want to wake up :)
(2 days is not enough "kata" please come again :) )
Hi people, I'm new to this board. (Hehe, no need to welcome me :) )
How I got into Katatonia? Well, my best friend (or brother, as I usually call him) gave me Tonight's Decision as a present for my 15th birthday. I loved it and I've been a die-hard fan of Katatonia ever since. However, I should admit I'm more into their new period than the older one.
I'm really into both their old and new material, but I do miss the "blackened" sound that they used to have. All in all, I guess I do prefer the old material, but the new material is very addicting in it's own special way.

i got my first touch to Katatonia, when I got "Jhva Elohim Meth" demo thru tape-trading :) Can't remember the year but it was sometime after it was released..

I still have the tape and it's a true killer of course.

From JEM demo to the LFDGD CD, everything is just excellent stuff..even the style is changed.

Uhh, it's only about a week, when K is going to play their first gig in Finland..yummy hehh :)
I bought their last CD after seeing it at a local store and thinking, "I've seen some good reviews about them, I'll pick this one up" - then I got home and realised that I had the wrong band, and had NEVER read any reviews about Katatonia.

Good thing the album is so brilliant! ;)
I discovered the great Katatonia with "dance of decemeber souls" but I have to admit I didn't like their first era.
"Brave Murder Day" was the thing for me: I had, at last, found a musical interpretation to my depressed existence. I was never deceived since then...
I've started listening Katatonia 3 years ago with Dance of December Souls and especially "Dancing December" and "Without God" impressed me a lot and then Brave Murder Day it went on like that...
A friend of mine sent me a tape of Discouraged Ones. I had never heard this band before, and hadn't really heard anything in the "doom metal" genre before. I really dug their sound, very heavy and textural, but also quite melodic at the same time. Today I just got Tonight's Descision after previewing it at the store. Another great album! I can't wait to hear the new one!
:D I'm looking forward to checking out Opeth too, I've heard a lot of good things. My friend also put The Gathering on the other side of the tape, and I like them quite a bit too, but I like Katatonia more. ;)

Originally posted by forlorn soul
Just out of curiosity Mark, was it CATATONIA that you had read reviews about? I wonder how many people get the two bands confused..

No, I have one of their CDs already - I think it was another band starting with K, but who knows... I'm easily confused :)
I got into Katatonia about a year or two ago, when I heard the song Deadhouse on the Identity 5 compilation and from then on I was hooked. Katatonia makes such beautiful emotional songs. And quite recently i have gotten hooked on October Tide and Diabolical Masquerade thanks to Jessie Haff putting them on You are the man Jessie. I hope Katatonia will come to the States soon.

She moves her body, and her whispers weave, and the world spends, and tells me that ill never want to leave
i got into Katatonia about 4 years ago. I was a fan of Opeth and I heard Mikael sang on Brave Murder Day, so I picked it up. When I first heard it I wasn't too impressed - I suppose I was comparing it to Opeth at the time.

One evening I happened to be in a pretty shit mood so I put it on. That night changed my life and I've been a Katatonia fan ever since. I must say though I'm totally into this new incarnation of the band although "Tonight's Decision" took me forever to get into - had to be in the right mood I suppose. I kind of dropped out of the net music scene for a while since I wanted to spend quality time with the CDs I had accumulated - imagine my surprise when i walk into a Best Buy and find "Last Fair Deal Gone Down". I grabbed it immediately but wasn't expecting to be blown away by it, a similar reaction to TD. I was wrong - this album grabbed me from the start and I must say it's the best Kataonia album. Fuck, it's good. My favorite tracks are "Clean Today", "Teargas", "The Future of Speech" and "Passing Bird" and "We must bury you" - hell they're all great... An incredibly varied, accessable and fucking depressing disc. I love it.

Hey, I thought I recognized your name. And from reading that post, you must be the same person I've spoken to a long time ago. I think I remember you not being too extremely into Katatonia many years back - so it is absolutely wonderful to see you have finally 'discovered' them. It's such a strange thing how Katatonia seems so 'accessable', yet on the other hand their music sometimes can take much longer to get into than other bands.. but once it does, wow..
I just read a review ina magazine RockCity and bought Dicouraged Ones. I never heard such a mood in music of anyone,
then came Tonight's..., LFDGD, then Brave Murder Day.
All of the releases after Dance... are my favorites!!!
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