top 5 most depressing albums

It kind of goes both ways for me. I guess it all depends on the way I feel before I put in the CD. If I'm happy, then it really doesnt make me sad, but if I'm in a not so great mood, it brings me down, but I can't ever turn it off cause it's great music.
Actually, I have another band to add: Darkwoods my Betrothed - Heirs of the Northstar.

It's black metal, but the vocals are different somehow in that they sound genuinely upset and depressed, and the accompanying music helps it a little too. Not a bad album.
Anathema- Alternative 4 and Eternity
Forgotten Legacy- Revelations (Having written it and knowing my inspiration, is a pretty depressing stuff)
Katatonia- Discouraged Ones and Last Fair Deal Gone Down
Stabbing Westward- Darkest Days

some others that rank:
The Cure- Pornography
Stone Sour- Self Titled (have you actually checked out the lyrics to Bother? That song alone ranks)
Dolorian (did I spell that right?) pretty much anything by them
my depressive stuff:

mdb - turn loose the swans [we all know what mdb think about]
katatonia - tonight's decision [talks about suicide]
sentenced - frozen [they are the northernmost killsers themselves]
tiamat - a deeper kind of slumber [talks about a broken lovestory]
anathema - alternative 4 [the most negative album ever made by anathema]
Stone Sour- Self Titled (have you actually checked out the lyrics to Bother? That song alone ranks)

Yeah, I mentioned that song somewhere in a post, and was wondering if anyone else felt similarly about it. I really like it, but most of the other stuff from seven other tracks I downloaded from Kazaa aren't nearly as amazing as 'Bother'.
I don't know how I missed this one, since it's been one of my favorites for the last three years or so. So I add this to my other lists...

One King Down - god loves, man kills

For all fellow atheists interested in brutal vocals and catchy riffs, I would just ignore the album title. It's hard judging from the absolute depressing lyrics whether or not these guys are Christian, but when it comes to great music, I honestly don't care.

This is also the only album with Jon Peters on vocals, and from what I've heard of the other albums, I can honestly say that it's he that makes this album what it is, so if you do a search somewhere and listen to samples or download stuff from somewhere, make sure it is this particular album, or you might be disappointed. :)
Anathema - Alternative 4

Most depressing music for me dosent come from just metal. It comes from the not so trendy kinda folk/electronica/metal. To restrict yourselfs to just selecting metal songs is doing a diservice to yourselfs.

1: NIN - Hurt
2: Radiohead - Amenisic ( the whole damn album)
3: Ben Harper - The drugs dont work (verve cover)
4: K's Choice - Not an addict (accoustic or studio, Dosent matter)

Probbley going to catch some shit off this, but the sinlge most deppresing song you will ever hear is....

5: The Door's - The end

Btw.. Know you wanted albums.. But I dont get albums really.
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1: NIN - Hurt

Fuck, now that you remind me, I'm pissed at myself for selling that album!

5: The Door's - The end

Bah, who said anything about the album's having to be metal? And who could possibly dislike The Doors? (now I'll probably catch shit for this :) )
Doors' just great!! It was close to be spoiled, though, 'cause you know, there's The End etc in every god damn Vietnam-movie soundtrack ever made..! :rolleyes:

:worship: Riders on the Storm