Why do you listen to depressive music???


untruly evil
Dec 19, 2002
Like most of you here, i love katatonia and that style of doom-depresive metal (doom=depressive.. hehehe).

But... my question... its: Why do you listen to depressive music??
Most of the times, that type of music puts my mood really down. Specially in winter, and sometimes, it even makes me cry (like the last time i listend to sentenced, it brought me a really bad memory of my ex-girfriend).
I don't like to feel sad... thats my point.

Damn... really hard to explain.
huh... Hard to answer too... o.o well, I agree with you, the type of music puts my mood really down and it even makes me cry too - except for the winter, here where I live (Brazilian's northeast), we have summer during all the year, it's REALLY hot everytime... And I hate this place... The depressive music makes me imagine me a bit... I use to listen doom metal when I'm + or - sad... It makes me feel better... the sadness that I feel with depressive music is different, I could say it's a "good" sadness (does it exist?)... like "everything is lost but I still have my music" ^^'
I hope you understand, but it's really hard to explain²
It helps to get in touch with those depressive, and such, feelings and to process them. I usually feel better after listening to depressive music and I'm ready to go out and kill again, so to speak.

But as we Finns have melancholy as our national heritage, it's usually not gone for very long... And then it's time for some Katatonia again.
Feeling sad a little bit (or more) at times and listening to music that makes you think is better than keeping it all inside thinking (quoting Daniel Gildenlöw here) "it's just another small thorn in my crown" and one day going ballistic with a gun at a mall.
For one,depressive music is extremely enjoyable. Secondly,the lyrics connect with you.
On a side note,stuff like Right Into The Bliss can be very uplifting,though it might not seem so at first. Also another prime example is Nevermore's Dead Heart In A Dead World (the song). It's got a pretty depressing tone both music- and lyrics-wise but then there's the little glimpse of hope in the lyrics.
It is often said that pain is easier to write about and express, whereas what can be said of joy? Joy is so shortlived and ephemeral to really relate to. So pain is my medium of communication with music. With it I can sympathize and be sympathized at the same time. I believe that I am at a point in my life where pain is the only constant and real thing that I feel. So bands like Katatonia, Rapture, Anathema, My Dying Bride, etc. are like the exact nourishment my cold famined soul needs.
Doom metal makes me happy, I just see so much beauty in it that if I'm feeling down it'll pick me up. I listen to aggressive black metal when I want to relax too, I think my brain is wired wrong or something......
Katatonia? Depressive?

I never regarded katatonia as depressive I would call the "dark" and one of the advantages of listening to katatonia with that in mind is that suddently you realise that what they invite us to see is an art. The new album is simply real creative art. Discouraged ones is melodically the catchiest album ever made in my mind, but on a very subconcious level, most of my mates are either into standard chart rock who listen here or there.

My guitarest never heard of them till he met me, now he's more miserable than I am. But he can play out a katatonia style melody without realising it.

My Girlfriend loves chart pop music, the bad "Take That" variety, but she doesn't moan when I put Discouraged ones on, in fact its her favourite (give or take Viva) in the collection.

Its not really depressing though its almost comforting to realise there are those of us out there who naturally let oursleves slip into this dark place and wrap ourselves in it for 55 minutes or so because like an orgasm it feels good. Something that feels good cannot be depressing, just dark in this case.
Too much fucking emo. (heh)

I like metal because I always like things with a 'dark' tinge to them. I'm the same with books, games, places....most stuff. I don't often get depressed, and I don't find Katatonia depressing.
S-k said:
It is not makes me sad as it makes me feel like i'm not alone with this pain...
(no power to broaden).. i hope someone understand what i mean..
i agree, its good to know that there´re people with the same (or similar) oppinion about life, which, as you all know, sucks donkey poop. :erk:
yourdeadgroom said:
Doom metal makes me happy, I just see so much beauty in it that if I'm feeling down it'll pick me up. I listen to aggressive black metal when I want to relax too, I think my brain is wired wrong or something......
Well, it doesn't makes me happy, but rather gives me this fuzzy feeling everyone gets when drinking. I really like that, just like if the tears of bittersweet happines were to come from my humid eyes.

Fortunately, there's no hangover afterwards. :D On the contrary, it relaxes me.

Indeed, metal relieves me but after I banged my head enough. Yup, my brain is fucked-up. :loco:
Depressive music makes me feel... hopeful... and happy that at least there are many others in the world that are able to feel the same way, and express it so beautifully through music. Makes me feel that maybe my depression could be expressed beautifully some day, too, by writing or any other way.